30 January 2012

Back to gym

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: gym

As much as I like working out, the lazy part of me likes NOT working out more.

Sure, the endorphin rush is awesome, but if I had the option, I would not mind sleeping in and skipping the gym altogether.

Yes, my love/hate relationship with the gym continues!

And as fun as not working out it, I just got a solid reminder of how easy it is to fall off the gym bandwagon.

Between pre-Sundance work, being in Park City and then post-Sundance exhaustion, I have not worked out for two weeks. Naively, I thought it would be easy to jump back in to the routine.

Then I went to the gym yesterday, tried to work out and wanted to crawl home.

I’m not even being slightly dramatic.

Then this morning, I went again and did better, but still was barely getting through my old routine.

Two weeks away felt like two years! It’s amazing how fast you can lose your momentum.

And what’s worse, is getting back in the early morning routine. The alarm goes off at 5:30 am and I want to knock it off the nightstand. But, I slowly get myself up and go, I mean, it has to get easier right?

I know this is only temporary and I’ll be back in the routine again soon but holy cow.

I definitely need to be better about working out while I’m traveling, why is that so difficult?

Do you find it easy to get back in your workout or other routines after being gone for a while?



  1. katelin says:

    ugh i know what you mean. i went a straight week of working out then i hit a wall and just couldn’t do it again, sleep won. and now i have to fight with myself to get back into it again. it’s such a vicious circle.

  2. Marjolein says:

    I keep making excuses these days to not work out any more. Not that I like not being fit, but going out at night in the cold to travel to a different city for specific dance classes is becoming too much of a chore. I need to explore my options closer to home, but how to find a good gym is still a bit of a mystery to me.

  3. San says:

    Ugh, I know how that feels. In my head, I KNOW that I want to work out, but I have a really hard time fitting it into my routine when I have been gone for a while…. I really need to work on this. Tell me your tips, if you have any.

  4. Erin says:

    Sometimes I start to get antsy if I haven’t worked out in awhile. But other times I can tell that it would be nice just to keep sitting on the couch. Also, I agree that it is very disheartening to start working out after even a short break and realize that it’s harder than it used to be! Thankfully, though, it will get easier more quickly the second or third time around. At least, that’s what I always tell myself!

  5. I absolutely understand. If I take more than a couple of days off, it instantly turns into a weeks or even months long sabbatical from exercise. That first day back is always the hardest, but I also think it’s the most important since it gets you back into the swing of things. Good luck getting back on the wagon :)

  6. gah, i know this pain all too well.

    in november i started dieting, and was doing great, then came the holidays… we all know what happens then. anyways i finally got my eating habits back under control but could not for the life of me get to the gym.

    it’s such a struggle, i find it easier to just diet sometimes, but it has to be a combo of both to make any difference. it sucks, why couldn’t i just have been blessed with better genes? ;)

    maybe you just need to do something different? you are dreading your workouts because they aren’t fun? i’m newly obsessed with zumba!