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29 February 2012

My odd love of cardstock

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Here’s a tip, when sharing your “odd” quirks with someone of the opposite sex, wait until your fifth or sixth evening out. I shared one of my quirks with someone and he had a look of pure “oh my god this girl might be a little crazy” on his face. Learned that the hard way.

Moving on. I do have a few odd quirks. I have little “routines” on how I eat food, order, etc. and I tend to get ready for work or to go out the same way because otherwise, I could forget one part of my beauty routine. This is pretty normal.

One of my quirks though that I’m finding is slightly unnormal is my love of…cardstock.

At the Chicago blogger hang, an off-the-cuff and out of context comment I made about business cards was tweeted, so, I decided to out myself on this love.

I love cardstock.

Which is kind of funny because I don’t really write letters, notes, etc. I’m very online-focused.

But a good, firm, thick piece of cardstock, maybe with a little glossy finish or *shudder* even a thread make me take notice. In fact, I may even keep that card specifically because I like the feel of it. Wait, that sounded a little gross.

Here is an example of my dream cardstock (from my favorite bar in Chicago)

Heavy weight card stock with a texture and some even have a thread. Gosh it makes me happy

Lately, I’ve been invited to a lot of weddings and bridal showers so I’m like a college girl on spring break in terms of excited by the cards filling my mailbox.

Yes, I realize how nerdy this makes me. And what’s worse, I can’t even describe the weight or finish that I like the most, I just know it when I touch it.

Yep, that sounded gross too.

What is your oddest quirk?

27 February 2012

Oscar fashion recap!

By: Jessica B.

I love football but I don’t care about the Super Bowl unless one of my favorite teams is playing. And this year’s Super Bowl was a snoozefest for me.

Which is okay because the Super Bowl of FASHION was on last night. Yes, it was Oscar night, my favorite night of the year.

So without further ado, let’s close out this year’s award fashion recaps by dishing about the drama that was Oscar fashion.

Oscar Fashion Favorites

Sandra Bullock – Classy, gorgeous draping and no need for jewelry

Jessica Chastain – Gorgeous embroidery, fit and great overall look with the hair. Gingers unite!

Emma Stone – Sure it looks like the bow looks like a goiter but the color on her is so fabulous

Michelle Williams – Love the ruffles and  detail on this dress. Looks perfect w/the pixie cut

Natalie Portman – Polka dots and Dior, I’m a fan. And that necklace? KA BOOM!

Penelope Cruz – A little safe but glamorous. Love her hair and make up

Did Not Love As Much

Rooney Mara – You can tell me this is “fashion forward” but it is ill fitting, unflattering in the chest and the color washes her out. Let’s try a new look

Viola Davis – Too matchy matchy. Green makeup with green dress and smothered boobs with green earrings? Too much

Shailene Wooley – How old is she? Wear something age appropriate!

Berenice Bejo – I’m sure this is considered French haute couture, but I just dislike the rosemary-like detail here

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed by the fashion. There were some definite hits and misses, but the ones that hit, hit hard!

Who was your best or worst dressed?

22 February 2012

The one with the wellie fetish

By: Jessica B.

Yep, you read the title correctly. Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Here’s a secret: for as crass and loud as I can be, I am very conservative in certain parts of my personal life. I’m not talking prudish but just…unexposed to certain…preferences.

I’ve heard some weird Ok Cupid stories from TC (who hilariously blogs about them here), but from my limited interaction with the site, I’ve been freak-free. Until now.

I’m not in to dating right now but a guy emailed me through OKC and he looked normal, so I just clicked on the message to see what he had to say.

From now on, he’ll be referred to as WFG (wellie fetish guy).

WFG: Hey Jess, What color hunters do you have? Yeah they obviously are a turn on for me with girls lol…..

Note: there are no references in my profile about owning Hunter boots, but he does mention that he “likes” them in his profile.

I reply back saying that I own the Huntress boots but that I prefer my adorable Coach logo ones more. Yes, I realize I opened the door to the rest of this conversation but, I was very naive. VERY. This retort gets the following response.

WFG: Hey Jess, I bet the coach ones are nice too. Are they rubber boots or vinyl?

Note: RED FLAG, which went up thanks to a recent foot fetish conversation with Jenn. Also, VINYL? Are there vinyl rain boots? I stop responding to him. Too bad the emails didn’t stop. Over the next few days, I received the following, unprovoked emails.

WFG: Hey there did you wear your boots today? It’s supposed to snow! How about a drink sometime? Grrr.

WFG: Hey Jess, What are you up to tonight? Any chance I could meet up with you? Maybe wear your sexy hunter boots?

Note: At this point, I have zero idea what to do. Apparently, the standard online dating tactic of not responding isn’t giving him the hint, so I decide (after much creative wording as to not draw attention to the boot thing) to send back the following note.

JB: Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. Unfortunately, I’m not free tonight. You seem like a nice guy but I don’t think we’re a fit. And I’m not really in to the boots thing. Didn’t want to leave you hanging so I wanted to let you know.

Note: At this point, I think I’m in the clear, until….

WFG: Never heard of a girl turning down a guy because he likes hunter boots! That’s a first!

Note: I guess my email wasn’t totally clear. Fair enough. I’m bothered by this enough though that I decide to clarify further.

JB: I’m not turning you down because I dislike Hunters or boots in general, I’m just trying to nicely say that I don’t like Hunters or wellies the same way you do.

Note: PHEW, I’m in the clear! I recount the story for friends this weekend, showing them his picture (so they’re aware) and apparently, that generated a notice to him that I’ve viewed his profile. Motherf*cker. And then I got another email from him.

WFG: You just checked the Birthday boy out, are you having second thoughts baby?

I wanted to reply SO BAD, but decided against it. Damn me being the bigger person.

I don’t care if people have a foot fetish or really any other fetish. It’s just not my thing. Plus, the feeling of rubber on bare skin is not enjoyable, and well, it shouldn’t just be YOU that’s enjoying it when we hook up.

So…yep, my interest in dating has actually decreased. Please tell me there are normal guys still out there.

20 February 2012

Cleaning lady bliss

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: apartment

There are several moments when you know life will never be the same.

For example, studying overseas, buying your first house or going to college.

I have had another one of these moments. As of Friday,  I will refer to every day before then as BCL (Before Cleaning Lady).

The cleaning lady worked a miracle. MIRACLE.

You can eat off of every surface in any room in my apartment. No kidding.

I arrived home Friday, giddy with excitement and anticipation, and had to put my flowers down because what I saw made me weak in the knees.


And then did this.

My house was spotless. The kitchen gleamed and winked at me when light bounced off the freshly cleaned sink and stove. The microwave was cleaner than it has ever been. The bathroom toilet had a rich matte finish and the tub looked like it was brand new. Not even I have been able to get these items this clean.

But then, the best was to come.

Two words: HOTEL BED. *commence freakout*









Yes this is my bed. I’m getting a new bedding set soon

The cleaning lady washed and dried my sheets and remade my bed, laying the sheets as if I was in a hotel. No kidding, I wanted to roll around on it naked in pure joy.

Speaking of pure joy, after inspecting every part of the apartment and seeing how thoroughly clean it was, I felt a level of joy and happiness that I haven’t felt in months.

You can say that’s sad but it’s true.

The only drawback, my vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced so the carpet didn’t get as clean as it should have. But, that will be fixed for next time. My apartment looked so amazing that I was afraid to touch anything.

Literally, I’m counting down the days until she comes back.

How was your long weekend?


16 February 2012

The next frontier: Getting a cleaning woman

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: apartment

I am not a very neat or clean person. I like when my house is picked up and freshly cleaned but I will say that my deep clean skills are severely lacking. Sure, I scrub the tub and sink but the floors, vents and blinds? I’m lucky if I get to that once a season. If at all.

It’s sad.

So, to celebrate my promotion at work, I decided to move to the next frontier of city living: getting a cleaning lady.

I can’t have in-unit washer and dryer (yet) so this is the next best thing. And I’m so excited!

After hearing two coworkers gush about their shared cleaning lady, I nervously asked for her number, promptly waited two weeks to call and then did. Yep, I treated getting a cleaning lady like a date.

Saturday, she came over for a “meet and greet inspection” and I was SO nervous. Watching her scan over my apartment, I felt the need to clarify, “It doesn’t normally look like this,” or ” I plan to fix [insert item here] before you come back.”

The last time I was this nervous about someone seeing my apartment, it was because a boy was coming over. Seriously.

I’m more nervous for a cleaning lady to see my home than to have a guy come over to watch a movie. What?

She will only come once a month to deep clean but before she can clean, I did some “picking up” myself.

Yes, I spot cleaned/picked up before the cleaning lady comes. There is no logic to that.

But I’m actually giddy at the thought of my baseboards, vents, fans and any other nook and cranny getting cleaned.It’s the little things that make me happy.

She comes over tomorrow morning and I’m ready for her to change my life :)

Any big weekend plans for you guys?