06 February 2012

New online obsessions

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random, shopping

I can admit that I spend a lot of time online or on my phone.

And lately, where is what is keeping me in front my screen (both phone and computer) more:

I blame Twitter and my super chic friends for getting me hooked on Fab. I’ve only purchased some chocolate sea salt caramels and a print now but I have a huge “wish list” of things I would like to buy. Journals that look like Legos? YES. Prints of Chicago El stations? YES. Turkish-inspired jewelry and earrings that look like a butterfly wing? YES PLEASE.

Seriously, I am going to be so poor because of this site.

And Pinterest. I joined, pinned several things and then promptly stopped using it. It’s so easy to pin things and I have no idea why I took a break. But over the last week, I am back and on this site A LOT. Clothes, shoes, apartment inspiration and my absolute favorite, guy/girl celeb crushes. I am a pinning machine.

Now, I have to limit myself to viewing/pinning each day because otherwise, you will never see me again.

Speaking of which, it’s almost my dedicated Pinterest time, let’s see what everyone is sharing today.

What keeps you on the computer more than it should?


  1. allison says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh pinterest. i heart you.

  2. wow great minds..i have a post scheduled tomorrow all about my love/obsession with Pinterest! haha

  3. mandy says:

    I love Pinterest. I mostly pin recipes and quotes. But so many good ideas and such a fun way to organize them. I don’t know what Fab is, but I really feel the need to find out now….

  4. I’m not that obsessed with pinterest, I don’t have a login or a board or anything. I only visit to scroll the main page but what’s turned me off is that I’ve noticed a lot of ‘thinspiration’ boards/images which makes me uncomfortable.

    otherwise, I spend most of time on twitter and tumblr.

  5. katelin says:

    so i don’t really pin as much as i thought i would, which is a good thing to say the least. most of my online time gets taken up by twitter and suri’s burn book, i am hooked on that, haha.

  6. Paula says:

    I’m obsessed with a british review site where i make mere pennies reviewing music and films and books etc, but despite the low monetary benefits, I seem to spend most of my non-working, non-sleeping life on it!

  7. So in love with Pinterest! I wanted to make it my goal to make a new recipe from there every week but my follow through sucks! Ugh. But this Fab you speak of…I must find!

  8. Kez says:

    Everything! I am tragic when it comes to Facebook (goes without saying) and my googlereader which is always packed to the brim with my favourite website/blog feeds!!!

  9. steph anne says:

    I LOVE PINTEREST to the point where I don’t remember what I did with my time before Pinterest was created. The iPhone app is eeevil and often keeps me up late in bed.