09 February 2012

Things I bought that I love

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: shopping

Lately, I’ve tried to pare back on the shopping but I thought I would share some of my recent indulgences because I’m loving what I bought!

Europe Touring MapThese Are Things

My first purchase from Fab.com. I’m obsessed with transit and traditional city maps and I love the clean, bright look of this. They have some for Paris and London too but I love Rome :) Isn’t it adorable??

Knit Hat in Plum – Nordstrom

I love trying on hats (even the ridiculous one) and when I put this on in plum, TC was emphatic that I buy it. And I’m so glad I did because I love it and wear it all of the time. It provides no warmth or wind protection, but it looks adorable. Here’s a picture of it on me.

Cherry Corn Flower BiscottiĀ 

In fall, a cute Italian bakery opened by my house and I am obsessed with its biscotti. It is light, not too crumbly or dry and the cherries inside are sweet without being overpowering. I could eat this like chips, but probably shouldn’t.

Oh and I was going to share a photo but I ate the biscotti before I could. Clearly, I have zero self control.

Gap Lace-Trim Gown

I love sleeping in night gowns, sleep sets, anything that is thin and comfortable. So, a few months ago when a few things were different, I bought a Lace-Trim Gown from Gap Body because I knew my boobs would fill it. Finally, these boobs are a blessing!!

It is so comfortable, light and easy to sleep and move in. It’s really flattering on the curves, and yeah it’s sexy.

This weekend I’m hitting the shops again and hopefully, I find a few more things I love too. So far, my track record is solid.

Any big weekend plans? What have you bought lately that you love?


  1. Erin says:

    That Rome map is so cute! I wish I had seen that when I was Christmas shopping! Instead, I went with some maps from this etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/dualhabit?ref=seller_info

    I am on the hunt for jeans. Not skinny jeans. Not straight leg jeans. Something in between. That doesn’t gap at the back. And isn’t too long. Too much to ask?

  2. Marjolein says:

    That hat looks so cute!

    I’ve been buying really lovely knitting things, such as bamboo needles and fair-trade hand-died wool that I’m going to use to make scarves and the like. The colours of the wool are so gorgeous, if the knitting works out well I’ll have scarves that are prettier than any you can find in a shop! So here’s hoping!

  3. love the night gown! better looking pajamas are on my shopping list.

  4. Ahhh!! Someone else who is obsessed with transit and city maps! I have an old city map of Chicago that I need to frame. I’ve also been looking for DC Metro stuff for J as that’s his old neck of the woods!

  5. katelin says:

    love that ROME print & would so get it but i’m pretty sure i’ve covered all potential wall real estate in our apartment, haha. also that purple hat is just perfect on you, love it.

  6. Maggie says:

    I always tell people when they buy stuff they should love it, and I mean IN LOVE! Why would you want to surround yourself with so-so items. I love your stuff! Super duper cute!

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  7. Lil' Woman says:

    Love the gown, I need to get more cute things to sleep in :)

  8. Arielle says:

    That hat is super adorable on you!

  9. I LOVE These are Things!! I want to get one of their US maps.

    All of my money has gone to car maintenance this month. I can’t say I love that, although I’m glad to have a properly operating vehicle.