20 February 2012

Cleaning lady bliss

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: apartment

There are several moments when you know life will never be the same.

For example, studying overseas, buying your first house or going to college.

I have had another one of these moments. As of Friday,  I will refer to every day before then as BCL (Before Cleaning Lady).

The cleaning lady worked a miracle. MIRACLE.

You can eat off of every surface in any room in my apartment. No kidding.

I arrived home Friday, giddy with excitement and anticipation, and had to put my flowers down because what I saw made me weak in the knees.


And then did this.

My house was spotless. The kitchen gleamed and winked at me when light bounced off the freshly cleaned sink and stove. The microwave was cleaner than it has ever been. The bathroom toilet had a rich matte finish and the tub looked like it was brand new. Not even I have been able to get these items this clean.

But then, the best was to come.

Two words: HOTEL BED. *commence freakout*









Yes this is my bed. I’m getting a new bedding set soon

The cleaning lady washed and dried my sheets and remade my bed, laying the sheets as if I was in a hotel. No kidding, I wanted to roll around on it naked in pure joy.

Speaking of pure joy, after inspecting every part of the apartment and seeing how thoroughly clean it was, I felt a level of joy and happiness that I haven’t felt in months.

You can say that’s sad but it’s true.

The only drawback, my vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced so the carpet didn’t get as clean as it should have. But, that will be fixed for next time. My apartment looked so amazing that I was afraid to touch anything.

Literally, I’m counting down the days until she comes back.

How was your long weekend?



  1. Allie S. says:

    I always think I’m going to get one, and then I cheap out. Maybe when I get a house?

  2. katelin says:

    dude this sounds like magic, pure magic.

  3. I cannot wait to get a cleaning lady. I will also refer to days beforehand as BCL. I am willing to make MAJOR sacrifices in our budget in order to afford a cleaning lady actually, it’s just as this point (with Eric a student) we really don’t have much wiggle room unless we cut out travel (one thing I WON’T sacrifice). We WILL be getting one as soon as he’s done school though!

    The bed looks amazing. I would do an insane happy dance too!

  4. That sounds amazing! I’m hoping to get a cleaning lady to help me keep the house in shape while it’s on the market. You’re living the dream :)

  5. allison says:

    looks like you picked a winner!

  6. Lil' Woman says:

    That sounds AHHHHHHMAZING….now I feel dirty, damn my messy house.

  7. Grace says:

    That sounds amazing! I’ve decided that whenever I have a baby I will be hiring a housekeeper. This post, of course, makes me want one now.

  8. Tori says:

    Yay for a clean home! Would you mind sharing your cleaning lady’s info. with me? My cleaners went from awesome to having major problems and now I’m looking for someone awesome again. :)

  9. A Super Girl says:

    So, when fiance and I moved in together, he said that we should get a cleaning lady. I immediately said heck no, that as much as I don’t like to clean, I don’t feel it’s worth the money.

    You, my dear, are completely ruining my argument. And my resolve. Damn it!

  10. mandy says:

    That is fantastic! Sounds like a perfect investment into making your life a bit happier and seriously, the fact that she made your bed? Amazing.

  11. Erin says:

    Wait. You have a cleaning lady who will WASH AND DRY YOUR SHEETS AND PUT THEM BACK ON THE BED??????

    That’s it. If I end up moving to the city I will scrimp and save and sell myself on some corner somewhere if that means I can have that.

  12. San says:

    You are one lucky girl :)