27 February 2012

Oscar fashion recap!

By: Jessica B.

I love football but I don’t care about the Super Bowl unless one of my favorite teams is playing. And this year’s Super Bowl was a snoozefest for me.

Which is okay because the Super Bowl of FASHION was on last night. Yes, it was Oscar night, my favorite night of the year.

So without further ado, let’s close out this year’s award fashion recaps by dishing about the drama that was Oscar fashion.

Oscar Fashion Favorites

Sandra Bullock – Classy, gorgeous draping and no need for jewelry

Jessica Chastain – Gorgeous embroidery, fit and great overall look with the hair. Gingers unite!

Emma Stone – Sure it looks like the bow looks like a goiter but the color on her is so fabulous

Michelle Williams – Love the ruffles and  detail on this dress. Looks perfect w/the pixie cut

Natalie Portman – Polka dots and Dior, I’m a fan. And that necklace? KA BOOM!

Penelope Cruz – A little safe but glamorous. Love her hair and make up

Did Not Love As Much

Rooney Mara – You can tell me this is “fashion forward” but it is ill fitting, unflattering in the chest and the color washes her out. Let’s try a new look

Viola Davis – Too matchy matchy. Green makeup with green dress and smothered boobs with green earrings? Too much

Shailene Wooley – How old is she? Wear something age appropriate!

Berenice Bejo – I’m sure this is considered French haute couture, but I just dislike the rosemary-like detail here

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed by the fashion. There were some definite hits and misses, but the ones that hit, hit hard!

Who was your best or worst dressed?


  1. Aileen Johnston says:

    I was very underwhelmed by the fashions this year. There were some nice frocks but I think people forgot it was the oscars and forgot to go for the wow factor!! Sandras dress was lovely on the red carpet but I thought when she was in stage it looked a bit casual. I actually really liked Glenn Closes outfit and Gwyneths was nice although not completely sold on the cape that went with it!! I always look forward to your recaps, was wondering where this one was haha!

  2. Jaime says:

    Where is Gwyneth!? lol. I loved her. I agree with nearly all of these. I am so not on the Rooney Mara train..she is blah to me!

  3. katelin says:

    I loved Penelope’s dress but wasn’t totally sold on her hair, it just felt weird for her. And I think I would have liked Berenice’s dress more if she lost the sleeves, that could definitely vamp it up a bit. Also, I want Sandy’s dress, so so much. Just love it.

  4. I, too, have been looking forward to your fashion recap. I pretty much agree 100 percent with your picks and pans, although I wasn’t totally sold on Sandra’s dress. I like it for the most part, but I thought the shape of it looked awkward on stage. I also really dug Meryl Streep’s gold frock and (even though I only got a brief glimpse) Oprah’s gold sequins.

  5. A Super Girl says:

    I pretty much just look forward to award shoes for your fashion recaps. Is that weird?!

    I pretty much agree with your selections. I adored Penelope Cruz’s dress. I also kinda dug Cameron Diaz in a weird way. I actually said out loud to the fiance “I wish I had her hair. SIGHHHH.”

  6. I liked Sandra Bullock’s dress, but I couldn’t help but think that the embellishments looked like hands grabbing her waist. I also loved Octavia Spencer’s dress, which was the ultimate flattering for her body type, & I actually didn’t hate J. Lo’s. I thought Tina Fey looked great, too.

  7. Kez says:

    OK so Sandra Bullock – hot.
    I know people are insulting Emma Stone’s dress with the red bow on her neck, but I actually like it.

  8. Can I just say DITTO on all the fashion stuff you’ve covered here? Because you’ve basically hit all the high/low points.

    I liked Angelina’s dress, too, but I couldn’t get over her posing/posture/awkwardness. It was too much for me…

  9. Stevie says:

    I was a bit underwhelmed, too. I thought Gwyneth Paltrow looked gorgeous. Same with Angelina Jolie (but damn girl, eat some pizza or something).

    I was looking today at some of the attendees of the Vanity Fair party and those gowns were way better than the red carpet! Elizabeth Banks looked awesome, so did Katie Holmes.

  10. I loved gwyneth’s dress but WITHOUT the cape – the cape was just too pretentious for me.

    emma stone’s dress reminded me of something that I’d seen Nicole Kidman or Jennifer Lopez in before.

    angelina looked gorgeous but the posing?