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01 March 2012

Why being single is awesome (because it is)

By: Jessica B.

Single Girl Confidential is back! Yes, we took a little hiatus but now we’re back with another post in this series. Arielle and I wanted to tell everyone why we love being single because, being single is awesome. You can check out her post here.

Some people do not understand being single. In fact, when I say that I like being single, I usually get a look that says, “oh honey I know you’re just saying that but good for you.”

Yes, having a crush or manfriend is fun. I miss having one in my life. But right now, I’m happy being single.

Why? Well, let’s review the list:

  • Two words: Naked time (and sleeping alone). I kind of suck at cuddling
  • I do whatever I want whenever I want I don’t have to check with anyone
  • TV is my domain, and I don’t have to worry about hogging the DVR with football or Dance Moms marathons
  • Four words: Random bar make outs. I need more of these…stat

But in all seriousness, I think being single is awesome because you get time to yourself to try new things, be adventurous, challenge yourself and be comfortable on your own. You are independent, confident and aware of what you want and need. Being single gives me the chance to hang out, celebrate and grow closer to my friends and others close to me. That’s what I’ve been doing and I love it.

Oh, and most importantly, being single doesn’t make you or me a leper. It’s not a disease.

Being with someone I liked and who liked me back was great. But now, as I keep getting back to “me,” I’m glad that I’m comfortable being single and independent because the next guy I meet will meet a great version of me.

I cannot wait to get back to her.

What do you love about being single?