02 May 2012

Cleanin’ out my closet

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: shopping

I can admit that I have some…hoarding tendencies. I’m not buried in stale food or cat carcases (GROSS) but when it comes to my closet, I tend to hold on to things.

And not even for sentimental value. It’s because I’m a) too lazy and b) think I’ll wear it again. What if I NEED this one shirt and I’ve donated it?? So I hold on to it and thus, my wall of closet is completely jammed with stuff. Half of which I don’t even wear.

So while dabbling with a bout of insomnia, I got tired of staring at my full closet, wondering how much stuff I don’t wear. Then, I got up and started grabbing clothes.

What was left was two huge piles of clothes. One to donate and one of clothes to try on again before donating.

Fortunately, I found several items in the “try on again” pile that I forgot about and hope/plan to wear now that it’s getting warmer, but if not, they go in the donate pile right away.

But as good as it felt to donate stuff, the realization hit that I don’t have a lot to wear now. So, I guess I have to slowly start replenishing the closet.

Who wants to go shopping with me? I am actually pretty bad at shopping for myself.

Is anyone else cleaning out the closet for spring?


  1. I’m doing a (somewhat crazy) thing right now where I am only wearing 33 items of clothing and it’s making me realize how much of my clothes I don’t actually like! Starting over from scratch is SO daunting, though.

    (Plus, I don’t actually enjoy shopping. Go ahead and take away my girl card. ;))

  2. Not for Spring, but I’ve definitely done a lot of paring down for our move. They don’t have typically have closets in Germany, so all of my clothes will have to fit in a dresser or an armoire–eek! I think I’m going to have to do more paring once we actually get there…

  3. Marjolein says:

    I have a system where if I buy something I donate another item of clothing to charity. I’m getting a much larger closet in the new house though – but I do plan on going through everything to determine whether I want to keep it.

    Good luck shopping!

  4. I think I’ll be tackling my closets and drawers this weekend…I love a good purge!

  5. Lil' Woman says:

    I’m horrible at shopping for myself. I always get frustrated and give up.

  6. caryn says:

    shopping on our lunch break! oh no! this will be dangerous. Here is a trick I use for my own closet. I turn all my hangars around (for me that is so the hook is facing me not inward at the closet). and then as I wear it and hang it back up again, I turn the hangar around so it is facing the other way. After a year, if the hangar is still facing the opposite way – I donate it. Try that, it might help!

  7. Shellbell says:

    I personally have no problem emptying my closet. I love the feeling of a good purge.
    but my friend once gave me a great tip for people with “textile abandonment issues”:
    turn every hanger in your closet around. If you use an item, you’ll hang it up correctly. After one year, any hangers that are still turned around should be donated, because you don’t wear those outfits for any of the seasons.
    It’s a long-term solution, but it really works. (as long as you don’t get sentimental when you’re creating your goodwill pile)

  8. Carolyn says:

    I love cleaning out my closet. I try to do it every spring and fall. It feels great to purge my stuff sometimes.

  9. i do a closet clean out with each changing of season. since i am moving at the beginning of June, this one will be a big purging one!

    PS: I just got the Nine West shoes last weekend- so you should be able to find them! :)

  10. Jenn says:

    I clean out my closet a couple times a year. After this most recently sweep, I’ve found that I own practically nothing. I wear the same things over and over (not complaining), but I think I need some variety in my wardrobe.

  11. I cleaned mine out, too, & found lots of really nice pieces, including a few with tags still on. I took half to Goodwill & took the good stuff to a consignment shop. They’ll send me a check in two months for 30% of whatever sells!

  12. Erin says:

    Me! I’ll go shopping with you! I’m always on the look out for more shopping buddies.

    I’ve been slowly cleaning out my closet in anticipation of our move to the city. Why move things I’m never going to wear?

    Are you going to try and consign any of your stuff or just straight up donate it?

  13. allison says:

    so please look at my post I just shared and I logged on to FB and saw this.

    How random!

    I’m a great shopping partner!