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29 June 2012

How am I an adult?

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

So I posted about things I’m too old for, and yet, lately I feel like I’m failing at being an adult.

I don’t know why, but after seeing an image on Emotipugs (one of my new favorite sites), I was like, yeah, yeah I feel like that pug lately.

Maybe it’s summer brain or just being distracted or too much going on but I’ve been looking at myself and being like, “how are you an adult?”

Let’s review what’s happened to make me feel this way:

  • New debit card arrived, still hasn’t been activated or brought to the bank to set up a PIN. Had it for…1.5 weeks
  • Tuesday’s dinner consisted of: scrambled eggs with cheese and beer
  • No leg shaving since Hawaii (thank goodness for blonde leg hair – which is also odd)
  • Did not dust my apartment since vacation, begged the cleaning lady to come early and take care of it
  • Left the fridge door ajar overnight and DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE
  • Fell asleep outside and have a non-sexy sunburn on my neck, which looks like either serious stubble burn or a rash

At this point, I may as well get a life intern or someone to mother me because I cannot seem to take care of myself.

I hope this is just a phase :)


25 June 2012

The list of things I’m too old for

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

While having ladies night out last week, we were talking about stuff we were “too old” for. It was a rather hilarious list and mid-rant, my friend/coworker/travel soulmate Annie looked at me and said, “Jess you should blog about this!”

Well, Annie is a smart woman, and after thinking about it a bit more (plus with my birthday just two months away), I think she is right. Okay, I really don’t think I’m old, that’s said in jest.

And thus, below is my list of things I’ve decided I’m “too old for.”

  1. Girl drama
  2. Dry humping. Seriously, if we’re doing that, we want to do more, stop it or start it
  3. People who are consistently negative forces in my life
  4. Being unhappy (separate from the “bad” days)
  5. Jagermeister/Bacardi/Goldschlager. SO MUCH PAIN
  6. Back-less tops
  7. Non-Bermuda-length shorts
  8. Fish-face kisses. Shit is gross y’all
  9. Rager nights w/o a disco nap first
  10. Trying to make people who don’t like me, like me
  11. Staying in divey, dumpy hostels (ironically, that might be happening, not by my own choice)
  12. Being afraid. I know what I want. Time to be strong enough to go get it
  13. Chairs with no back support (that’s not comfortable at any age)
  14. Moshing. I just want to listen to the music!
  15. Liking or dating men who treat me badly
  16. Being painfully hungover. Although it does still happen (sometimes)

So some of the things on this list are more serious than others, but, I think they all apply.

What are you too old for?

21 June 2012

Stigma of traveling solo

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: travel

My decision to start traveling solo was a big one, and now, I love it.

But, the reaction I get from others is very interesting.

Over my last few US and abroad trips, I’ve told several people about my adventures and get one of the following responses:

  • “Bless your heart”
  • “Aww good for you being so brave”
  • “Why????”
  • “That is awesome”

While I may be sensitive to how I respond to each, I find that I roll my eyes at the first three because they feel condescending. They may not be meant that way, but they are.

To those that doubt or question solo travel and my true intentions, let me be clear.

I travel alone because I love it. Because it lets me see life outside of the Midwest and feeds the need I have to step out of my comfort zone. It’s allowed me to learn a lot about myself and make me a better person.

I do not travel alone because I’m trying to meet men or to give my father an ulcer by saying “damn the man” and getting out of town.

And after a few run-ins with negative Nelly’s in Paris and Hawaii, I don’t let it roll off my back as easily anymore. When they question or make snide comments, I fight back. Not in an aggressive manner, but to clarify.

Maybe it’s not worth it, but to me, it’s worth saying something.

Those who may be more narrow minded, need to hear the truth, even if it ultimately does nothing.

Why do you love to travel either solo or with a partner or friends?

18 June 2012

When your single friends start dating

By: Jessica B.

I was actually going to title this, “the third wheel syndrome,” or “how to play nice with your friend’s boyfriend,” but decided to focus on something else, ha.

I’m in the “second wave” of friends getting married or meeting mates and my “first wave” friends are on baby #2 already, whoa. That first wave hit in my early 20s and now in my early 30s, the second wave is coming ashore.

But the second go around is more difficult, especially when you stay single.

The biggest mistake I made in wave one, which I partially blame on maturity, was that I didn’t want things with my friends who were dating/getting married to change.

And when your single friends’ status changes, inevitably, so does the friendship.

What changes? Well, depending how close you are, you don’t get as much girlfriend time because she now shares her time with someone else too. And keeping that balance can be tough because sometimes, she has to choose, you, him or her own time and you might not be the pick.

But that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

This time around, I’m learning from my past mistakes and realizing that to keep my friendship, I have to embrace the boyfriend or husband. That means inviting him along to events, or always planning on a +1 with her because it’s not just her anymore.

I would rather be the third wheel and include my friend’s beaus or spouses than lose spending time with them. And as happy as I am for them, the adjustment of stepping back a bit sucks. That’s just honest.

But losing people I care about due to that suckiness, is even worse.

Have you found that your friendships have changed for better or worse when their relationship status’ change?

12 June 2012

Aloha Hawaii

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: travel

In my quest to take over the world, I’m ready to add another travel notch in my belt.

Hawaii, get off my list of places to see for the first time.

Yes, I spent seven days in the (insanely f*cking hot) sun and got sand in places I didn’t know was possible in Hawaii. Specifically, in Maui and Oahu.

And after a bumpy May, I was ready to get the hell out of Chicago and hit the beach.

So here are some things I learned on my trip and a few pictures too!

  • Some sights are so beautiful you can’t breathe, but you have to go off the beaten path. And never judge a place by it’s exterior. Many buildings look old but are perfectly normal inside
  • Speed limits are only about 15-45 mph and everyone drives slower than that #killingmeslowly
  • There is some amazing food (but restaurants/bars are only open until 10 usually)
  • For the love of God, please wear sunscreen. All day, every day

Overall, the trip and time away was awesome. I did great on my own (with some text help from home) and had a chance to make my biggest deadline of the day that I be on the beach by 7 pm to watch the sun set over the mountains. Seriously.

On a sentimental note, I’ve wanted to see Hawaii, and specifically Pearl Harbor since I was a kid. It was something on my life list and I had a moment when I saw the USS Arizona Memorial for the first time in person, like, THIS IS HAPPENING! It is a truly humbling moment.

Now I’m back in Chicago for summer and enjoying my tanned skin :)

And honestly, I’m in a bit of a travel flummox right now. I honestly don’t know where to go next!