29 June 2012

How am I an adult?

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

So I posted about things I’m too old for, and yet, lately I feel like I’m failing at being an adult.

I don’t know why, but after seeing an image on Emotipugs (one of my new favorite sites), I was like, yeah, yeah I feel like that pug lately.

Maybe it’s summer brain or just being distracted or too much going on but I’ve been looking at myself and being like, “how are you an adult?”

Let’s review what’s happened to make me feel this way:

  • New debit card arrived, still hasn’t been activated or brought to the bank to set up a PIN. Had it for…1.5 weeks
  • Tuesday’s dinner consisted of: scrambled eggs with cheese and beer
  • No leg shaving since Hawaii (thank goodness for blonde leg hair – which is also odd)
  • Did not dust my apartment since vacation, begged the cleaning lady to come early and take care of it
  • Left the fridge door ajar overnight and DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE
  • Fell asleep outside and have a non-sexy sunburn on my neck, which looks like either serious stubble burn or a rash

At this point, I may as well get a life intern or someone to mother me because I cannot seem to take care of myself.

I hope this is just a phase :)



  1. Sarah Alway says:

    I eat weird things for dinner like pb&j or cereal all the time… I think it just means your life is too fabulous for you to bother with things like grocery shopping or cooking. ;)

  2. katelin says:

    i fail at adulthood on the regular. i swear i need a fairy or a maid to clean our bathroom. it’s embarrassing how bad matt and i are at. eek.

    also i make really random meals too if it makes you feel any better. i mean pb&j is totally an adult dinner right?

  3. Carolyn says:

    I feel like I fail at being an adult a lot too. This past week I decided to celebrate my birthday almost every single night. I can’t hang like that anymore and I’ve been paying for it ever since.lol

  4. I think about this all of the time especially since I still think of myself as a 18/19 year old about to start classes. (the fact that I still live at home probably contributes greatly to this thinking)

  5. LWLH says:

    Haha….I have those moments too girl….I’m sure my breakfast of Kool Aid and Mac and cheese wasn’t very adult like.