12 July 2012

London calling

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: travel

The first time I went to London I was a 20 year old college kid going for a weekend before she flew back to the states from study abroad. It was January, cold as f*ck and I was about as poor and I could get at that time. But I went.

I rode the Tube for four days, ate next to nothing (to save money for the tourist spots) and stayed in the most disgusting hostel ever (fortunately, with nice American roommates).

Side note, eating a sandwich under the Harrods overhang in the middle of winter? HUMBLING MOMENT.

And on the chunnel back to Germany, I swore to myself that I would go back to London when I had more money so I could see it again and do it right.

That time is now. Or will be in September.


That’s right, I’ll be in London for 8-9 days and now that I’ve started trip planning, I am so excited I could scream out loud.

That’s the benefit to living alone, you can do that without sounding (too) crazy.

Right now, airfare, deeply discounted hotel (which is still pretty f*cking expensive but yay Travelzoo!), Buckingham Palace tour and play at Shakespeare’s Globe are booked, and this week I’ll be pouring over my guide books more to set up a schedule of what to see and do.

My inner history nerd goddess is jumping up and down with excitement.

And for some giggles, here is a photo from 2000 where I met up with a few other study abroad kids. Yes, that is my natural hair color…and how I looked back then :)

¬†Another funny note, I took this photo of this photo with my phone because I don’t have a scanner. I fail at technology.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Enjoy! I’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t been able to yet! It’s definitely on the list.

  2. jaime says:

    So exciting! my brother is there now and actually sharing his pics on my blog today! lol. I love London–one of my fave cities in the world for sure.

  3. allison says:

    i can’t wait to read all about your damn trip and hopefully make it there this fall myself. or spring. or whenever.

  4. katelin says:

    i’m just so so excited for you! i’ve always wanted to go to london if just to take a picture in a phone booth and listen in awe as people talk, haha.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Oh! I’m so jealous. It’s been so long since I went to London!

  6. L.C.C. says:

    Ah yay you’re coming to my hometown how exciting! Let me know if you need any local advice!

  7. Angela says:

    Remind me to send you my list of my favorite things to do in London. :)

  8. suki says:

    FUN!!! Have an incredible time in London. :)

  9. Carolyn says:

    I studied abroad in London. It is my favorite place in the world. I’m dying to go back there!!! You have to do the London Eye, at sunset if possible. You can reserve a time before hand to avoid lines. Go to Camden Market. And if you can go to Hampton Court. It’s a half hour train ride from London but toally worth it to see where King Henry the 8 lived. It’s awesome and one of my favorite places. Ugh I’m so jealous!

  10. Marjolein says:

    Fantastic! London is such a wonderful city. There’s so much to see and do there. You do know most museums are free, right? They only ask for a donation. And you have to go to the British museum, it’s such a wonderful place, you can keep coming back to it and still see something new each time. If you need any advice on where to go, just let me know. :)

  11. Andrea says:

    If you do the Tower of London, head to the Tower Bridge too. The views from the top walkway are amazing and the old engine rooms are an engineering marvel. I’m a history nerd who loves romance novels, so wandering around Hyde Park made my entire day when we were there last year. Enjoy your trip – And if you an get out to the countryside it is spectacular.

  12. Alison says:

    Your trip sounds amazing! I so admire all of your travels, I wish I was as brave as you. (I’m deathly afraid of flying.)

  13. Caz says:

    I did like the Tower of London (the Crown Jewels were amazing!)
    but my favourite part of London was really just walking and exploring. We did Westminster Abbey too and I went to the Salvador Dali exhibit which I adored (I LOVE Dali). I made a point to find amazing, authentic Indian food. We walked through Harrods, explored Oxford St, the theater district and more.I’m so jealous you’re going back! Enjoy!

  14. Stevie says:

    You will LOVE The Globe! It is so cool. That was one of my favorite parts of London.

    So excited for you!

  15. Lacey Bean says:

    Awesome!! Totally do the Tower of London tour with the beefeaters, they are hilarious! Also the Tate Modern is pretty sweet. And the London Eye at dusk. And Dave LOVED the Albert Memorial. AHH LONDON!