23 July 2012

A letter to my future husband (if he exists)

By: Jessica B.

Lately, I find inspiration to write in many places. And after seeing Arielle’s post, inspired/posted originally by Peter’s letters to his future spouse, I thought, hey why not?

So below is a letter to my future husband (who is TBD).

Dear future husband –

I have zero idea how to start this letter because honestly, I wasn’t sure if you existed. Wah wah cheesy I know, but it’s true. I thought about writing how you changed my life and how meeting you put me on a completely different path in life. But in reality, you didn’t change my life, you fit perfectly within it. Like a partner and like a best friend that I can’t imagine living without. CHEESE.

I wasn’t sure how to write this letter to you so I thought I would write the little ways I knew you were a keeper. Some may sound a little…stalker, but to me, it’s the little things that count. And there are a lot of little things you do that I love.

Let’s start the list (not in any particular order)

  • Morning talks. You sleep in and I…don’t. And when we’re both up at the same time, before getting out of bed or letting the day officially begin, we talk. About anything and everything, and I love it
  • You listen. I said once that Violet Hour was my favorite bar in the city, and on date night, the cab took us there. Or after a bad day, you ask how my day was and want to really know. Or when I say I love M&Ms, sometimes, a little bag of them appear as a treat. I love that you listen to me and remember the little things
  • No judgement. I’m not perfect and I’ve made mistakes. But you don’t judge me. After talking about it, it’s a non-issue. Things before you and me don’t matter. Not to me and not to you, I love that
  • Love the crazy. Let’s be real, I wasn’t 25 when we met. I am a little set in my ways and stubborn, and while some of those things had to change when you arrived, you don’t mind the other little things and maybe, even indulge them
  • Take an interest in each other. Whether we love a lot of the same things, or not, you make an effort to be a part of the things important to me. Whether it’s travel, movies, food, beer or a night out with my friends (even when we get a little out of control), you make that effort
  • You love my shape. My body seems to change a lot or go through fuller/slimmer times but that doesn’t matter to you. You still pull me close at night and love me for me

So yeah, that’s just a little list of reasons why I knew you were a keeper. Oh, and when you indulged me and became a “cuddler” with me on the bus last week. Seriously, that was amazing.

Please pick up some milk on the way home tonight.

xoxo Future Jess





  1. Marjolein says:

    That’s such a sweet letter :)

  2. Heather says:

    So sweet! I love the morning talk idea. it really is the best time to connect and just have a free conversation before the stress of the day comes rolling in.

  3. katelin says:

    um. this is the best. LOVE THIS.

  4. allison says:

    I love it!

    Um – just milk – and your favorite ice cream too!

  5. Peter says:


    I hope you enjoyed the process.

  6. caryn says:

    Despite almost having a husband, I still have no idea where I would start with this. So i’m impressed. and oh, I love the end! please bring home milk. hahaha

  7. Arielle says:

    Aw I love this! I’m so glad you did it. It’s like a nice little window into your future. =)