12 September 2012

Wifi and me, so happy together

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: apartment

Lately, things around my house have been under construction.

The city of Chicago is repaving my street, my building is getting a new sidewalk and my apartment needs to have some touch up repairs done.

And then, on top of this, my wifi went out at 3 am on Sunday morning (don’t ask why I was up and online then to know that).

Fortunately, I was able to coordinate with the cable company to fix it on the same day some work was getting done on my apartment and now….wifi and I are back together.

I missed you so much baby!!

So for the three days I was without wifi/internet and I got to experience life in the wilderness.

I’m being dramatic, sort of.

Not having internet was actually kind of nice. I did a lot more reading and was able to actually detach myself from my phone and computer. Two things I seem to be very involved connected to.

I have a bad balance between online and offline, especially since my work focuses so much in social media, but I like the break sometimes because it gives me a chance to refocus.

But seriously, I’m glad wifi and I have been reunited :)

How is everyone else doing??



  1. susel says:

    I completely understand. It’s incredible how dependent we are on technology nowadays! :p

  2. LWLH says:

    Not having direct internet and cable for the past two weeks has been both crappy and liberating. I need a recipe….dammit it’s on my Pinterest. But then I got to play around in the kitchen a little.

  3. katelin says:

    whenever our internet goes out i’m usually quite annoyed, but it is also a nice break. also, hi. miss you!

  4. Kez says:

    Hey – my wifi likes to dip in and out sometimes. It’s really irritating! However, I do appreciate a break from social networking and the internet sometimes :)
    Helps me clear my head and keep perspective!
    Yesterday I couldn’t stand the idea of looking at my facebook newsfeed and taking a break really felt good – these things can get a bit too addictive at times and you forget about the real world. I can see how young kids can buy into cyber bullying so easily. They don’t realise they can just switch off.
    Wow, that comment just got deep :)
    Glad you and your wifi are happy together once again!