29 October 2012

A few recent photos

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Happy Monday! I’ve posted before that I’m a tad addicted to Instagram. Seriously, that app is one of my favorites and one that gets regular use on my phone. My only complaint is that I wish they would mix up the filters. Variety is not a bad thing.

So, as a way to ease in to the week, I thought I’d share some of my favorite, recent Intagram photos.

A beer arcade opened in my neighborhood and it has old-school TMNT. Lots of memories playing that game as a kid

Bar in my hood also lets customers carve their own pumpkins, then displays them outside. And I check them out every year

My London postcard FINALLY arrived! Also, whenever I send myself postcards, I always address it to “Future Jess.”

My favorite pork tacos (with a strip of bacon!) from Antique Taco

Still able to enjoy some early morning, post-gym sunshines…for now

Northern view from the Addison Brown Line station. Ugh, errands

Also, I cannot believe Thursday is November 1. !!!!! Um, fall is going by way too fast, IMO.

How was your weekend?


  1. allison says:

    I was up at 6:50 a.m. this morning and there was no sunrise!

    -present allison

  2. katelin says:

    love all those pumpkins, so fun! and um, TMNT was my favorite arcade game, so much fun!

  3. Marjolein says:

    Great pictures! I love that sunrise.

  4. jaime says:

    What a fun bar that lets people carve pumpkins- great idea!!

  5. What a fabulous sunrise! And what a fun bar concept–I love the jack o’lantern photo :)

  6. Akirah says:

    That sunrise is gorgeous. What a blessing.

  7. LWLH says:

    I want to go to a bar like that.
    Bring me to Chicago, Jess!!!

  8. Kez says:

    I love your postcard idea! So cute!!
    My weekend was busy! We took the Little Mister to a 1st birthday party and he ate his first sweet treats (eek!), then we took him to a children’s festival in our hometown the next day. So basically, it was all about him!! I don’t mind, it’s fun being a kid again too :)