22 November 2012

What I’m thankful for this year

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all cooking, eating or sleeping off the former two activities.

In the season of giving thanks, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what I’m thankful for this year. Before writing this list, I took a look at last year’s entry and while there are a few new silly things to add, the core things that I’m thankful for: family, friends and health, haven’t changed.

And they shouldn’t.

Those are the main things that support me and keep me going. So I don’t mind listing them here again because I’m continuously thankful for them, year round.

Over the last few days, I’ve bittersweetly looked back at the last year, and how different things are now compared to last Thanksgiving.

The last year has not been easy, but despite the challenges, I’m still standing, and I’m thankful for that too. And from that, I’ve been able to deepen friendships and make new ones that are a key part of my life in Chicago.

So below is my 2012 list of things I’m thankful for. Some are more silly than others, and in no particular order

  • Family
  • Friends (both Twitter, blog and IRL)
  • Steve (the fur nephew)
  • My cleaning lady (she bring so much joy)
  • Good health (minus the plague incident)
  • Living in Chicago
  • An ice cold beer or a glass of wine at the end of a long day/week
  • My Kindle (turns out reading is fun when you’re not on vacation)
  • Good skin (minus the current blemish)
  • Being able to travel to amazing places
  • Animal photos online and silly GIF sites, like So Yeah Duh, My Friends are Married and What We Should Call Me (so many LOLz)
  • Texting

There are many more things to add but these are the one I wanted to specifically call out.

And of course, I’m thankful for this little nook I have online and the many, great people I’ve met through it, and you guys who still read!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. nora says:

    Sorry I’ve been so MIA. I must get better at commenting! <3

  2. allison says:

    you know, I would add facetime to this too.

  3. LWLH says:

    So much to be thankful for….especially the cleaning lady ; )