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22 January 2013

Things Single People Hate

By: Jessica B.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Being a single lady, I read a lot of articles about dating, relationships, being single, etc. Not because I’m looking for tips but because I’m curious how people write about them. Some of them are pretty dead on, others, not.

And then I found one on Facebook from Thought Catalog that was a mix of both. So, Arielle and I decided to make it the subject of our next installment of Single Girl Confidential.

So, the article was called “20 Things Single People Hate” and I wanted to highlight a few that really caught my attention.

Being reminded you are single or told that, for any reason, your lack of being romantically attached to anyone makes you a less desirable or fit human being. (#1)

I’ve never had someone SAY this to me, but yeah, it’s been pretty well implied. Granted, in most cases it was from people of another generation, who were married at 23 or already having a family then. But it still bothers me because, there is nothing wrong with being single. And you don’t need a reason why. You are you and you are just as fabulous without someone as you would be with.

Those moments where everyone else is sleeping with someone but you. This is why God invented Double-Stuff Oreos. You need the extra love. (#13)

Uh, welcome to my fall 2012. Except my comfort wasn’t Double-Stuff Oreos, it was…well, hmm, anything else that I could stuff in my mouth (TWSS). Even if I’m finding comfort in food while making my friends tell me about all the sex they’re having, I’m still happy for them. And some REALLY like to share, so, yeah it’s a little lady porn for me too.

Having people equate relationships with happiness. (#18)

I think I need to make a bumper sticker that says, “single people are happy!” Seriously, whomever thinks that you can only be happy if you’re in a relationship, needs to be hit with a tack hammer. Here’s a shock, I am happy! Not every day or every hour, but I am and being solo or just with friends makes me happy too. Trust me, I’ve seen many miserable couples. No thank you.

One person cannot complete you. The only person who completes you is you. (#14)

Y-E-S. This is very similar to what I listed above, but it’s so true. You cannot be happy with someone else until you can be happy on your own. And if that person doesn’t show up, you need to be able to love and complete yourself. You don’t need someone to complete you, they should fit with you and compliment who you are now.

And that is all I have to say about that.

Single Girl Confidential signing off for now.

14 January 2013

Golden Globes Fashion Recap!

By: Jessica B.

Oh boy it’s my favorite time of year! It’s Award Season!!!!!

And we kicked off this magical time with my favorite of them all, The Golden Globes. Yes, you get TV, movies, people overindulging in champagne and lots of hilarity.

The Oscars may be the Super Bowl of award shows but this is a pretty solid playoff.

And despite getting a little out of control with Tina and Amy’s drinking game on a school night (bad idea), I have to say, I was just a little “whelmed” with the female fashion last night. I hope some people step it up for the Oscars.

But as always, the men were delightful :)

I also really loved Amy and Tina. Seriously, can I get a girls night out with those two??

Let’s get this going and leave your picks for best/worst dressed too!

Favorite Looks

Claire Danes

Marian Cotillard

Amy Poehler

Zosia Mamet

Connie Britton

Olivia Munn

Not So Favorite Looks

Jessica Chastain

Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Alba

Amy Adams

Taylor Swift

Those are my picks, counting down to the Oscars!

How was everyone’s weekend too?

08 January 2013

Breaking Bad

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: television

I’ll say it, I watch A LOT of TV. I am triple booked on shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I have to a) pare back on what I watch and b) make time to actually watch it.

It’s a constant annoyance, so, the last thing I should be doing is adding a new show to watch.

But I did.

In fact, over the holidays, I watched A LOT of TV on Netflix, instead of using the network hiatus for something productive like…reading.

And one show I watched en masse, at the urging of my brother, coworkers, friends and pretty much anyone else I talk to, was this one…


I won’t lie, I fell in to the hype from people around me and was a bit disappointed in seasons 1-mid-way season 3. It was fine and setting the foundation but was a tad boring in parts.

But once season 4 started, I was completely obsessed.

OBSESSED. My brother (who already has seen it) and I discussed and he even watched with me, watching my reactions.

Also, when someone says, “the box cutter episode,” I have flashbacks to a key scene in it, and my stomach still feels unsettled.

It was amazing.

Then I got back to Chicago and watched the first part of season five (illegally) online because I had to know what’ll happen next!

Sadly, the show isn’t back now until July, but I AM READY.

Also, the show has sworn me off ever doing meth. So, that’s a plus.

Are you a fan?

03 January 2013

The Dream Man evolution

By: Jessica B.

Woot woot, Single Girl Confidential is back again with its first entry of 2013!! You know the drill, Arielle is over here, blogging with her perspective of today’s topic, which is the Dream Man evolution.

When I was 22 or 23, I knew exactly what my Dream Man looked like. Tall, dark, handsome, funny, not married, not too many past girlfriends or emotional baggage, at least 5′ 4″, good teeth, doesn’t bite his nails, nice eyes, nice arms, good person, etc. I’m sure there were more criteria but I cannot think of the rest right now.

And I’m pretty sure, if a guy didn’t meet most of that list, I wouldn’t go out with him because it was a waste of time. There was no way he was for me.

Well, that approach didn’t work out so well and now that I’m older, a little more seasoned and more mature, I realized when Arielle and I were talking about posts for this series, how much my idea of a Dream Man evolved.

I’m not sure why in my 20s I was so focus on specific and very detailed attributes of guys that I wanted to date. Maybe because I thought I was young enough and had plenty of time to meet Mr. Right, so why not be a little selective.

And now that I’m older, my Dream Man has evolved because after dating more, I realized what’s important. It’s not always just the nit picky superficial things, it’s the person as a whole. I may have a “type” but found that dating guys outside of it, was a better fit, even if those relationships didn’t work out.

And rather than put myself in a box of “this is the only guy you’re attracted to,” it’s good to let that evolve based on the good guys you meet and date rather than try to retrofit one in to the guy you think you want.

So now I’m more open to what my Dream Man could be, but yes, there still is a few criteria for him (in no particular order):

  • Financially stable
  • Treats me nicely
  • Loves me for me
  • Has goals and dreams for his future

I don’t think that’s too much to ask right?

Single Girl Confidential signing off for now.


01 January 2013


By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

While getting ready last night, I noticed a lot of Facebook friends sharing their thoughts of 2012 and their hopes for 2013. And it inspired me to do the same, but for a few reasons, I didn’t want to be as vocal on Facebook, so I kept mine short.

But I wanted to elaborate on it a bit more here.

I am not sad to see 2012 go at all because I’m ready for a reset, a new start. 2012 had a lot of highs but also two crushing lows.

It was a test, a test to see how much I could handle, both personally and professionally and it broke me.

The lows of 2012 have left me completely broken, both my spirit and will, and I am still struggling to pick up the pieces and find my fight again. But I know it’s there.

The highs of 2012 were so high: Paris, Hawaii, London and Sundance, but the lows were unfortunately greater than those.

People put a lot of pressure on NYE, what you’re doing, who you’re with, are you getting dressed up, are you getting kissed, are you going to be able to get a cab, etc. And yes, I think about that too, but the reason I love NYE so much is because I choose to see it as closing one chapter and opening another. I need to close 2012 and open 2013 because I need something to kick start the changes I want to make (and started making already) and help me feel like I can put the tears, anger, sadness and frustration in 2012 and carry only the happy memories with me to the next year.

What I want in 2013 is to get back to me. To fix the things that I don’t like and to explore the things that interest me. This may mean, going alone for part of it, or losing some things currently in my life.

I’ve already made a list of my goals for 2013 and I’m ready to get started.

I don’t want to spend 2013 as unhappy as I was in 2012. I want it to be so much more. And I feel so hopeful for that, and that is what I want to hold on to.

Happy New Year’s everyone!!!