08 January 2013

Breaking Bad

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: television

I’ll say it, I watch A LOT of TV. I am triple booked on shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I have to a) pare back on what I watch and b) make time to actually watch it.

It’s a constant annoyance, so, the last thing I should be doing is adding a new show to watch.

But I did.

In fact, over the holidays, I watched A LOT of TV on Netflix, instead of using the network hiatus for something productive like…reading.

And one show I watched en masse, at the urging of my brother, coworkers, friends and pretty much anyone else I talk to, was this one…


I won’t lie, I fell in to the hype from people around me and was a bit disappointed in seasons 1-mid-way season 3. It was fine and setting the foundation but was a tad boring in parts.

But once season 4 started, I was completely obsessed.

OBSESSED. My brother (who already has seen it) and I discussed and he even watched with me, watching my reactions.

Also, when someone says, “the box cutter episode,” I have flashbacks to a key scene in it, and my stomach still feels unsettled.

It was amazing.

Then I got back to Chicago and watched the first part of season five (illegally) online because I had to know what’ll happen next!

Sadly, the show isn’t back now until July, but I AM READY.

Also, the show has sworn me off ever doing meth. So, that’s a plus.

Are you a fan?


  1. A Super Girl says:

    I love Breaking Bad. But, it’s a slow burn show so there are lots of down times. It was good to watch on Netflix, but then I started watching either season 3 or 4 live and that was tougher. You couldn’t just blow through the slow episodes to get to the fast ones like you can on Netflix. But, I’m really REALLY excited for the last part of season 5.

    The show we got hooked on over the holidays was Homeland. Seriously. So. Freaking. Good.

  2. i’ve heard this is soo good…and sons of anarchy and homeland and game of thrones… i have too much tv as it is! so hard to take on new shows lol

  3. mandy says:

    This has been recommended by so many people, I really need to check it out. I do think I would really like it. Revenge is one of my favorite shows.

  4. katelin says:

    so many of my friends have told me to hop on board the BB train and i keep holding out. i know i’ll cave eventually because it just looks so good, but man, my anxiety levels need a bit of a break, ha.

  5. nora says:

    I haven’t watched Breaking Bad BUT we got hooked on White Collar thanks to Netflix and then had to find season four part one somehow… it’s SO good. And Neal Caffrey is lovely to look at it :)

    I/we watch a bit of TV and like you, it’s on Tuesday and Thursdays. I’m SO excited for Suits to come back, I have Parenthood(only two more episodes left this season), Go On, Happy Endings, Person of Interest, NCIS: LA, Storage Wars… these are all things cluttering up our DVR (and I think there are more. to be fair I don’t watch all of these, some are Knights). But in the dreary and cold winter months it seems ok for me to watch TV especially if I have done my required 30 minutes of exercising.

    I’ll try not to get sucked into another show for awhile. We’ll see how that goes!

  6. Caryn says:

    I started it as a show to watch while I run on the treadmill (because Arrested Development was boring me) and this was anything but that! It hooked me instantly. I’m only on season two – but I’ll catch up to you fast I’m sure! SO GOOD.