07 February 2013

Single girl at the wedding

By: Jessica B.

SCG is back! And this time, Arielle and I are taking a trip down the aisle, not as the bride, but as a wedding guest.

And not just any kind of guest, but the single girl guest at a wedding.

Being single at wedding, which is all about love and the celebration of it, can be tough.

Sure, there are options of single men and/or groomsmen who want to just get a piece of ass, but really, it can be a minefield of insecurity and frustration with your own dating life too (or lack thereof in certain cases).

In the next year, I have two weddings I’ll be attending (one family, one coworker) and I will be going to both solo.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

But, since I’m a tad snarky around couples blissfully in love, I have to get my game face on and be able to navigate the wedding scene with the most gracious and charming of ease…and not hit the bar too hard.

So here’s how I plan to kick ass at both weddings as a singleton:

  • Social butterfly – I know people at both weddings (win) and with a few drinks, I’m much more talkative with strangers (and that doesn’t include trying to make out)
  • Open bar – I mean, it takes the edge off, and is a great place to meet people (see “social butterfly” above). Just remember, it’s not a race to see how much beer/wine you can consume during the reception. Must write that down
  • Dancing machine – Oh man, sometimes, the answer to any situation is just to dance it out. And those heels will be off and I will be a dancing machine. I also need to use this time to identify a guy to be forced to slow dance with me so I don’t return to my snarky state

Yes, despite these comments about snark, I am so happy for both of my wedding couples and really, I can’t wait to be there and celebrate their day. And if there is a guy there who is as willing for a random make out and doesn’t repulse me, let’s discuss.

How do you handle being a singleton at a wedding?



  1. Nikki says:

    Actually I’ve had more fun as a singleton at weddings than with a +1! You get to dance with everyone, talk to everyone and if you meet someone…bonus! Especially when there are a lot of couples…all the single guys focus on you and buy you drinks. LOL! Have fun with it!

  2. I’ve been single at all the weddings I’ve been to so far but they have been my bff’s and I was in them soo it wasnt so bad. The next wedding though, I’d like a date, haha!

  3. I’ve always been single at weddings! Even when I was dating someone and given a +1 I never brought the guy because it wasn’t serious enough to want to bring them (haha). So I’m about having fun with friends (or making friends with my table), drinking and dancing the night away!

  4. I’ve never been to a wedding single but I have one coming up this year and will be relying on my fellow friends…..and the open bar :)

    I have to admit, if I had to go to a wedding where I didn’t know too many others, I would probably be a major wallflower. my awkwardness is a speciality!

  5. Paula says:

    I don’t think being single at a wedding is necessarily a bad thing. I was just at a wedding last week and had a great time as a single girl. Mind you, I DID get very drunk, snog an usher then go back to my hotel and fall asleep around nine pm, but i still had lots of fun!

  6. Good for you for being single at a wedding AND coming up with a gameplan so you know you rock it. When I was a single gal (and even now when I attend a wedding stag), I make sure to make lots of friends — especially if I don’t know a ton of people — and hit up the bar, then proceed to dance the night away. So your plan? Pretty darn perfect.

  7. Akirah says:

    I often have to attend weddings stag because my husband owns a restaurant and Saturdays are his busiest night at work. We’ve been invited to one Sunday wedding and that was fun, but all the others, I had to go alone. I know that this isn’t the same as going to a wedding as a singleton because of the emotions that can ensue (trust me, I know ALL about that), but it’s still hard sometimes. It can be awkward, especially when you don’t know people. I really just try to drink a few drinks to get loose and then hit the dance floor. When I’m dancing, I’m really in my element, so it helps. I hope your weddings are far from awkward and really fun!

  8. Arielle says:

    Open bar and dancing – the only things that are important at weddings, really. ;)

  9. mandy says:

    Good for you for being the single gal at the wedding and being entirely ok with it. I have gone to several weddings lately as a singleton and handle it just as you plan to do. Open bar is a wonderful thing and thankfully, there were several friends in attendance so I never felt alone or out of place.