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16 June 2013

Summer is here!

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Or at least I hope it is!

Today was a perfect summer day in Chicago. Sunny, warm, light breeze and just, like gorgeous. It’s days like this that I really love being in this city.

So, now that it’s summer, I get to enjoy some of my favorite things in the city, like, drinking beer with the windows open, gorge of poutine and hit the beach. Full disclosure: the first two happened Friday night…no regrets. Photographic proof.

The other thing I was really ready for as part of summer, and since I got back from Spain, is, getting my hair cut. Seriously mine has been looking like an animal laying across my shoulders and down by back. No, I’m not being dramatic.

And in the spirit of 2013 goals and needing to not want to cut off my hair myself, I decided to make a change for the next few months, which was cut off 2+ inches of hair.

Here’s how it turned out.

Yes, I’ve had 2 moments of panic since I did it of, OMFG TOO SHORT. Given my history of Dorothy Hamill haircuts and a rather tragic one pre-college, I have kept my hair long, but, hey, change is good.

And it will always grow back.

How was your weekend? How are you celebrating the beginning of summer?