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31 July 2013

So I ran a 5K. Now what?

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Um. Yeah. So that happened indeed and honestly, I’ve been asking myself the same question.

That’s the thing when you reach a goal. You spend so much time, energy, money, etc. getting there and then you’re there and you’re like, OKAY I DID IT……now what?

I’m not always the best at savoring that moment, but rather thinking, okay let’s go again! On to the next thing!

But for running, I’ve been thinking about it because, I didn’t really have a plan of what I would do after I completed this goal.

Sure, I still fantasize about running a marathon and being like, yeah bitches I am a MARATHONER. SUCK IT. But while that’s a great dream, I have to look at the hard reality to get there.

The entire experience from February, when I started this, to now, has been really fucking hard. And painful. And expensive. And it’s made me a little skittish about what to do next because, I don’t want to have it always be this hard (TWSS).

But, then I think about the positives that came from this. The discipline, the patience and the balance. Sometimes, I couldn’t go out until 2am or couldn’t have that extra beer because, well I had to run the next day. And I wanted to do it. Plus, my legs look ah-mazing.

I’m someone who loves challenges. Mental, physical, etc. I like being tested and challenging myself to learn and do something new and do it well.

And I don’t think I’m ready to say I’m done with this challenge yet.

So, at the advice and counsel of my running spirit animal, I’m going to start training again on Monday. For this.

Chicagos Perfect 10

It’s in November which gives me PLENTY of time to amp up for a 10K. For me, running is about my endurance, not necessarily speed, so I want to build upon what I’ve done now and push myself (gently) further.

Will I do it? I dunno but I am really going to try.

So here we go again! And if you’re in Chicago and want to to run with me, let’s do it!

29 July 2013

Thoughts on finally running and finishing a 5K

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

I was tempted to title this, “how I ran a 5K finally and accidentally wore hot pants,” but we’ll get to that.

This Saturday, after setbacks, more setbacks and an unofficial 5K, I finally ran a real 5K. And finished.

The 24 hours leading up to that moment when I started slowly jogging in the corral and then hit the start line was really emotional.

And yes, I’m about to deal with feelings, so if  you think it’s lame that I’m talking about this related to only 3.1 miles, then I would not read below.

Lately, my legs have been bothering me a tad again. Not as bad as before, but annoying. And while I don’t like to give in to negative thinking, I had a few moments of wondering, what if I can’t do this? What if my legs won’t let me? Sure, you can run through pain and focus on the adrenaline, but it as wondering what it would be like after that worried me more.

So Friday night, I methodically laid out everything for the race and focused on stretching, doing my PT work and some light yoga to just help me center. Friends were giving me some shit for staying in because, well so-and-so is out and he’s running tomorrow too. But that isn’t my story right now. This wasn’t just a run for me, it was a test, something I was serious about and needed to feel emotionally and physically ready for. So that’s what I focused on.

And on my way to the race, I zoned everything else out and just focused on what I could expect when I got going, what to pay attention to from my body and not to freak out if I felt a pain in my leg along the way.

It helped me feel ready. Waiting in the corrals was the worst part because OH MY GOD I WANT TO JUST GET GOING. But then we did and it was like, holy shit, it’s really happening.

I didn’t know how I would feel when I crossed the finish line, and when I did, I was prepared for some kind of a reaction, but in that moment, it didn’t come. I heard someone say to me, “nice job.” And I looked and just said, “thank you.” Even when I joined the line to pick up a snack and the 5K medal, I felt nothing.

And standing at the tailgate after, I kept looking down at myself, seeing my BIB number and race shirt and thought, is this really me? Was it all a dream? And I didn’t know what to think. It wasn’t until Sunday morning that I processed everything and felt an immense level of pride and accomplishment.

The one thing I did feel right away though was gratefulness for my friends and family, who reached out in multiple ways to say congrats, good luck and how proud they were of me. I cannot even begin to say how much I needed it and appreciated it.

This has not been an easy road but somehow that melted away because I know one thing.

I did it.

Oh and the hot pants thing, turns out, my running shorts were insanely short and then when I started running, somehow got shorter. So it was a festival of my thighs. Literally I have not been that exposed in a long time. But it was insanely comfortable, so…no judgement.


25 July 2013

The one where I got mouth herpes

By: Jessica B.

No, I’m not making this up. I’ve told a few IRL friends about this and for a while, I debated whether or not to post it here. But, now, it’s funny and really should be shared.

A long time ago, I was spending time with a guy I liked a lot. Liked him RULL HARD. I just loved talking to him, spending time with him and yeah, kissing him. It was the kind of kisses that make you feel like you’re on fire (in a good way) and just like cannot get enough.

And then I got mouth herpes, aka cold sores. From him.

It started out with an innocent “hey want to come over and watch some football?” and then the polite small talk of “hey want a beer” and moved to an awkward silence broken only by him tackling me and commencing a kissing session. Game on.

And yeah, it was nice. But at one point, it got a little more physical and he bit my lip. In that moment, I was fine with it. But then after we stopped and I am in a cab home with a little fuzzy feeling, I start noticing my lip is swelling. And not like a little bit. Like…A LOT.

Panicked, I put ice on it and take some Benadryl, in case I’m having an allergic reaction.

Cut to the next morning, mouth still swollen and it literally feels like someone is lighting a match in my inner lip. I cannot even BEGIN to describe to you how painful this was.

Nothing worked to alleviate the pain. So, sheepishly, I asked a friend if she knew what was wrong. I explained the situation, showed her my lip, her eyes got really wide and then, she smiled. “Dude, you have a giant cold sore. You need to get to the doctor.”

Doctor. And doctor visit means copay.

But I went, showed my doctor my mouth, and when she asked how I got this (after NEVER having a cold sore before), I told her, and she started laughing too.

And then I got a prescription for Valtrex, which I had to fill at the CVS near my work. When I went to pick it up, I wore my sunglasses and tried to cover my face “Cousin It” style.

It took a week for the feeling of my mouth being lit on fire to go away. And I never told that guy what happened. I was too embarrassed and I was afraid that if I told him, he wouldn’t like me anymore. That’s how much I liked him. He asked why I was “sick” after we hung out and I looked him right in the eye and said, “viral infection.” Seems close, right?

I have a refill still on that Valtrex prescription too, so just in case, I’m set for next time. WHICH I HOPE NEVER HAPPENS.

So that is the story of how I got mouth herpes and had the most expensive makeout. EVER.



23 July 2013

One of those days

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Chicago, Random

Sometimes, you have one of those days where it’s like you’re living your own clumsy romantic comedy, minus the guy, chance encounter, fabulous apartment and clothing you could not afford if you tried, well, you know what I mean.

Yesterday was one of those days, where (no kidding), the following all happened:

  • Hear Kate is in labor and almost make my phone fly off the elliptical machine trying to frantically text my friends
  • Get to work and while exiting my desk, make an embarrassing noise that sounds like, well, farts (it wasn’t)
  • Use the stall that doesn’t have toilet paper and find out too late
  • Spill food on my new dress
  • Push multiple times against a glass door that turns out NOT to be the door but just a piece of glass
  • Have a full Marilyn moment in that new dress after dinner with friends

Oh, and after that Marilyn moment, thinking I totally got away with it (despite my friend throwing herself on me to maintain my decency), we walk down the street and a guy who was outside smoking said, “yeah, I saw that.”


Thus today, I wore a tarp and pants with a layer under my shirt because I don’t give shit away for free. I’m in my 30s, too old for that.

16 July 2013

Giving good text

By: Jessica B.

One of the hard parts about dating in your 30s is putting yourself out there. And dating in Chicago in your 30s isn’t easy. It requires a constant effort of going out, checking out profiles, looking at singles or matchmaking events (that don’t cost $500) and just…seeing what happens.

And while I’m not actively, obsessively looking, I’m open. And then a guy came around, who on paper was like, a yes. We were  the same age, had similar interests, we were looking for the same things, and he wasn’t damaged from past relationships.

First date went fine but where this guy really was a cut above was texting. He knew the right things to say when (I should note, they were genuine too), like “I should have kissed you on our first date” or “what would make me happy is a picture of your smiling face” or my favorite, “I get you’re busy, but I’ll wait for us to have dinner again, it’ll be worth it.”


Now, you could say, wow, you are starved for romance. And maybe you would be right, but really I think I’m just starved for a guy who knows what he wants, is confident in what he says (and means it) and isn’t going to put his dick in “one and done” women to figure out that free p*ssy is more fun. Cough, that happened.

So yeah, giving good text is hot. But that doesn’t mean it always lives up to in person. Sadly, this Robin Thicke of text went that way on date #2.

So what did I learn:

  • Gotta keep trying, this was encouraging but not the right one
  • Not so dead inside after all (yay!)
  • If I let you kiss me to “just get it over with,” that’s bad
  • Asking me multiple times throughout the date if we are going to kiss = not hot. At all

Back to the drawing board.