13 August 2013

Checking Lolla off my Chicago list

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: music, Random

So this post is going up a bit later than I thought it would but, hey, still worthwhile.

In July, I told a friend that I was going to Lollapalooza this year. And she was like, “aren’t you too old for that?”

For a moment, I was offended, and then I wondered, wait, am I?

I have lived in Chicago for eight years and this is the FIRST time I’ve gone. So I couldn’t help but wonder, why?

Oh yeah:

  • Huge crowds
  • Drunk crowds
  • Intense heat that makes you wonder if you will lose your mind or die in Grant Park

In every year prior, you could always guarantee that it would be hotter than hell for Lollapalooza. Even if it was cool before that weekend, that would change. On top of that, you are crammed in front of a stage with thousands of drunk and high people you never met before. Sounds like fun RIGHT?

Well in my spirit of trying new things in 2013, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go to Lollapalooza for a day. Three days sounded a bit intense and in case I hated it, one day was a doable commitment.

Then the band list leaked and I got more excited and determined, only to be shut out of the day I wanted thanks to Mumford, Matt & Kim, Ellie Goulding and others being stacked that day. Figures.

So a coworker sold me her Sunday wristband and I was off with Arielle and her friend Eric, who were both in town for all three days of the festival. And in a gift from the heavens, it was not center-of-the-sun hot. It was…manageable. Okay!!

Because I was only there for a day, I saw a total of three full sets, each of which were great. I finally got to see Tegan & Sara live and got the added bonus of Vampire Weekend and Phoenix.

And it was awesome. Bands start on time and play continuously during the set. And the music sounds great too. And people sing along and get a little rowdy but not always asshole-like behavior.

I’m still catching up on bands and listening to new and different types of music but this was a really good time. And I would consider going  next year too!

Have you been to any festivals this summer?






  1. Old shmold! What nonsense! I love Tegan and Sara too.

    And I flew all the way from Mumbai, India to Winnipeg, Canada to catch the 40th Winnipeg Folk Fest this summer. :-)

  2. SOOO Jealous! I love Tegan and Sara, and I LOVE Phoenix.

    I use the “I’m too old” excuse to avoid Bonnaroo. It happens a mere 3 hours away, I know someone who can get me in for free but I just can’t handle the heat, crowd and the idea of camping through it all.

    I DID go to the Beale St. Music Festival in Memphis in May, which was good, just not quite the impressive lineup. And I had to leave before Phoenix went on. Usually the weather there is hot and rainy (Most people call it Memphis in Mud). This year it was freeeeeezing. Still worth it to see many bands for a set price.

  3. Ashley says:

    Sounds like fun! I’m not sure I could handle 3 days either but it sounds like you had a blast. I went to the Mammoth Snowmass music, beer and chili festival in June. It was awesome! Not well known so not crowded AT ALL, free beer samples from awesome breweries, killer chili cookoff and I got to see Lord Huron and AWOLNATION. It was more my pace. If you haven’t been to Jazz Fest in NOLA, you have to go. Such an experience, both for music and food.