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23 September 2013

Where in the world is JB?

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Hi everyone!

Yes, there has been an unintentional break again in my blogging, but gird your loins because I am back. Not only back in the country, but also back from traveling and wrapping up an insane summer.

So let’s catch up on a few things:

  • My birthday happened. I’m officially a year older. It was a really nice day full of my favorite things, and I went out with a few friends to celebrate for drinks too. My descent from the womb was properly celebrated
  • Portland! Dad and I went to Portland for a few days on a father/daughter family trip. It was great and exactly what I needed. Get this city girl in some nature! More to come on this
  • EUROPE! Solo adventures hit the road again for two weeks in Dublin, Berlin and Munich. It was amazing. I’m working on photos and a post about this too. And turns out, I still speak pretty good German. Woot!
  • Mumford & Sons. I made the pilgrimage up to Milwaukee for the show on their tour (which just wrapped) and it was so fun. They sounded amazing live and it was a great night and crowd. Love this band

That’s the most recent news….I start French classes tomorrow too. After spending 1.5 weeks speaking German, switching back to French should be interesting.

Right now, I’m ready to enjoy fall and being in Chicago. Solo adventures is packed up (minus 1-2 US trips) until spring. Questions is, where to then??

Hope you guys are well!! What’s new in your world?