20 November 2013

Humble thanks

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

There really isn’t a full post today, but more of a thank you.

The feedback and response to my last post was really overwhelming, in a good way.

The comments, calls, texts, likes, etc. really meant a lot and reassured me that putting it out there to the internet (knowing family and coworkers read it) doesn’t have to be scary.

Depression is something I’ve battled on and off for a long time. And it took a really dark period, where I didn’t know if I would get out of it, and wondered if I would give in to the bad things I wanted to do, in order to really speak about it and tell people what happened.

For a long time, I thought I had to do things on my own. That I shouldn’t bother my friends with problems or ask for help because it’s a sign of weakness. And this was another good reminder that I don’t have to do that. That I have people in my life that care and are there to help when I need it. But, I have to also take that step forward sometimes to ask.

I hope I never fall back in to the depression that almost swallowed me whole once, but, if things get tough, I know now who I can go to for help, and who will be there to listen.

Thank you again. JB



  1. m88 says:

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  2. gb says:

    Je finirai de jeter un coup d’oeil à tout cela demain

  3. A Single Girl says:

    Im glad that you have the support if loved ones. Some us…well, not so Blessed. To combat my own deprression, I volunteer at local shelters. Giving back and helping strangers in need is a great way to take the ‘cloud’ away (lol). I also write in journals and Blogs. When I go back and read what I wrote, it makes me laugh sometimes and wonder,”I was feeling like THAT?” It puts things into perspective. Here’s one of my blogs: http://asinglechicagogirl.blogspot.com/?m=1&zx=4aac71e7fad04314. It’s very real and honest and it’s help to ‘get over’ some things. I used to take Zoloft but don’t anymore.

  4. Sandy David says:

    Always know that family and friends are with you in good times and bad. Even when one’s nail polish smears when you thought it was dry! xoxo

  5. I’m so glad you can feel the love and care of those around you xx