08 January 2014

Sons of Anarchy

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: television

One word: Addicted.

Last holiday season, while my regular shows were on hiatus, I surrendered myself to Breaking Bad, and emerging a huge fan, although late to the game.

This year, it was Sons of Anarchy, and holy fucking shit it is GOOD. Gritty, violent, dirty and awesome, with LOTS of tattoos and facial hair. And normally that stuff isn’t my thing when I’m attracted to guys but I want ALL of the sexy time with Jax Teller.

In fact, I burned through all five seasons on Netflix within two weeks AND am now searching for the current season online….illegally (don’t judge).

I don’t know what it is about this show but I cannot get enough. Sure, I nearly spit out my breakfast when Otto bit off his own tongue (yeah, you saw it), covered my eyes when someone was shot in the head, and then a couple had sex next to the body (I mean, when you’re in the mood…) and shuddered at a brutal prison scene.

The thing I love about shows like this (similar to Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad) is that you end up caring about the characters. You may not like what they do, but you get it, and you root for them.

So, on Saturday when a very sad thing happened in season 5 of SOA, I texted my brother and Katelin (also super fans) crying, and then cried to my brother over the phone. Seriously you guys. ALL OF THE FEELINGS.

If you haven’t started watching yet, please do!! First season is a little slow but then it picks up, and it’s great.

Game on FX.


  1. Sara says:

    So I just found out this show is based off of Hamlet. And my love for it skyrocketed. I’m only like half way through season 3. I’m terrified to keep going yet I can’t even help myself.

  2. Jme says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. I’ve been watching since day 1. I love Jax too but for some reason, I find Opie incredibly sexy.

    I KNOW what scene you are talking about in season 5. I’m STILL NOT OVER IT.

    Also, Season 6? is a freaking bloodbath so prepare yourself!

  3. I keep trying to get into Breaking Bad and I want to like it SO MUCH because everyone else who I think is awesome loves it SO MUCH!! Maybe I’ll give SOA a shot first ;)

  4. katelin says:

    I mean, clearly I agree with EVERYTHING in this post. THIS SHOW. Also the more shirtless Jax Teller the better. I can’t wait til you’re all caught up and we can discuss because SWEET ACTUAL MERCY.