06 May 2014

Learning a new way to eat

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food, Random

Hello everyone. Yes, I’m still here and am still bad about writing on this blog.

But, I’m back today because there’s been something I’ve been working with lately that I wanted to share on my corner of the Internet.

Food, well, looking at food/eating in a new way.

When I got back from my promotion trip to Paris/Amsterdam, I finally decided to see the doctor about the “weird” way I was feeling. You know, that fun bloated, water retention feeling usually reserved for the week before your period, but I felt it every single day. Clothes didn’t fit, and honestly, I just felt awful about myself, all the time.

And when I went, some of my worst fears were confirmed. I was 15 pounds heavier, officially at my “scary weight,” which is also the heaviest I have been since…high school maybe?

To say I was crushed, is an understatement. It was like facing a huge fear and knowing all of my instincts were right.

But the tests she ran point at nothing. According to my blood, I’m 100% healthy. So, while we investigate a few other things, I’ve been put on a restricted diet. No gluten, dairy or processed sugar. Or, next to none in my diet.

And as someone who has never had a food allergy (or not since I was a little kid), this is really difficult because now, I am trying to look at food in a new way.

First off, dairy. This is painful to cut back on because I LOVE DAIRY. Cheese! Yogurt! Frozen yogurt! All of the cheese!But with baby steps, I’m cutting back.

Gluten, holy cow that is in everything too, same with processed sugar!

So, for now I’m reading websites about Paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free foods (or substitutes), being more diligent about cooking at home from Paleo and gluten-free websites, drinking more water, cutting back on alcohol and trying to be smarter about what I eat. It’s all about baby steps to a new way to eat.

Is it fun? No, not always. I love donuts, sweets, cupcakes, pastries, beer (BEER!), fried foods, etc.

But I hate the way I feel, so I am willing to try something new. And hopefully, it just gets better from here.


  1. katelin says:

    Oh friend let me know if you need any GF tips, I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the past 7 months. Also, I cheat every now and then because DONUTS, ha.

    But really, you can do this!

  2. allison says:

    you got this!

  3. Jenn says:

    I have a TON of great gluten-free recipes in you’re in need. My gramps has celiac’s and both my mom and I have gluten sensitivities. Happy to pass along some of our favorites. Oh! And there are some decent gluten-free beers out there as well.