23 July 2014

Letter to my nephew

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

Dear nephew¬† –

It won’t be long until you’re here! I can’t believe it. Soon enough I’ll get to see your face, coo over your little fingers, hold you in my arms and sniff your fresh baby head. Yes, that will be happening, but it’s okay because we’re family.

I can’t wait to meet you. When I think about you, I think of so many things that are to come for both of us.

Seeing you grow up and turn from a little squiggly baby in to a little boy and eventually, a man. Watching you play sports (or do drama or whatever interests you) and being “that family member” who is cheering loudly or making signs to wave excitedly around. Or, let’s be real, trash talking other kids who knock you down or get in your way.

I can’t wait to see your Halloween costumes, take you trick-or-treating, make Thanksgiving dinner with you next to me, and take you to visit Santa and open presents on Christmas morning. The hardest part will be the distance between us, me in Chicago (for now) and you in Wisconsin. But there are so many things I love about this city that I can’t wait to show you, whether you are in a stroller, strapped to my chest in a Baby Bjorn, or walking beside me, your hand in mine.

And as you grow older, I hope you will call me or come to me if you can’t talk to your mom and dad about something. And know, that no matter what it is, I will always be there for you. If you get arrested for underage drinking or in trouble at school, your Auntie Jess will always be here to listen and offer advice (or a slap across the head if needed). Our relationship isn’t the same as the one you’ll have with your parents, and I hope you always know that if you’re in trouble or need to talk, I’m here. And that I will always love you, no matter what.

Until I met your fur-brother, Steve, I never knew what immediate, true love was like. That moment where you see someone and just know something is different now. The capacity for love that has no bounds or limits and is truly selfless because you care so much for someone else. I feel that way for you already, and know that when I meet you at home (or in the hospital), that the love will just continue to grow. It’s scary and exciting and I cannot wait.

So, keep cooking in mommy’s tummy for now. I’ll be here waiting.

Love, Auntie Jess



  1. Katelin says:

    Did I just cry? I think I did. This is so sweet. Hurray Auntie Jess xo

  2. smdavid says:

    Beautiful, loving letter. Any thoughts about giving a copy to him once he’s part of the family?