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02 September 2014

TV shows I missed the boat on

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

I like TV. I like to watch TV, record it, check out new shows, etc.

But there are a few shows I’ve finally had time to check out a few shows I never watching initially, and, yeah I didn’t like some of them.

The West Wing

I love The Newsroom and have seen other Sorkin dramas so I get his “style” but I don’t get it. I’ve watched 6 episodes and it is not clicking for me. Snore.

How I Met Your Mother

Yes, I know how it ends. And I’ve heard some of the great lines coming out of the show (hello, “woo girls.”) But any time I’ve sat down to watch, I just can’t force myself to finish a whole episode. Maybe I am just meant to enjoy the highlights.

Game of Thrones

I just can’t get in to this. I have so many friends that love this show but I watch and I just cannot get in to it. Maybe it’s the dragons. But, yeah I’ll try this another time.

Pretty Little Liars

I’ve watched Gossip Girl and other teen or tween-focused shows that were adapted from books but any time I watch this, I just see the flawlessly curled hair that lays just perfectly like no real normal person has and I cannot take it remotely seriously (like not even a little bit). I am missing something apparently.

What about you? What shows does almost everyone love but you don’t care for?