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15 December 2014

Let’s go on an adventure!

By: Jessica B.
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Sounds like fun right??

As you guys know, travel is a true passion of mine. It fills my need for adventure, and my need to see new places, and try new things. It indulges my love of history and passion for art. And makes me feel like a different version of me, one that can get perspective and a change from her daily life, and wonder about new things. And come back inspired.

The last time I took a solo adventure, it was March 2014 to Paris/Bordeaux and Amsterdam as part of my promotion celebration.

Life is very different now.

Last month, in the wake of losing my grandma and working through my change in perspective from it, I realized what I needed.

I need a break. And a change in scenery.

February 2015 will be my 10-year anniversary living in Chicago. I still love this city, but right now, I’m slowly (and not literally) being smothered by it and my feelings of grief, anger and sadness that eat at me inside.

So, I’ll be leaving Chicago for a little-ish bit. Because before I can get back to being a full fledged daughter, friend and employee, I need to take care of me.

That includes getting out there and going on an adventure, one that will hopefully bring me back to life.

Am I scared? Yes. Am I worried about how things will go and what things will be like when I get back? Yes and yes.

But maybe it’s time to be scared and take a few risks. Because whatever I was doing before didn’t exactly work out. So let’s see how it goes.

More to come.