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05 June 2015

Being in the moment

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Random

I’m not great at being “in the moment.” I tend to get distracted or immediately think ahead to “what’s next.”

So while I was gone, I decided to really try and take in those moments, savor them and be present. But, when you’re gone for three months, time tends to blend together. So I made a note on my phone of my moments from the trip. Where I was really present and happy. And allowed myself to feel it.

Now, I thought I would share them with you. Contextual notes are in parentheses:

  • Driving from Hoi An to Hue, Vietnam (the drive was absolutely stunning. Winding roads and coastline, rain spitting from the sky while you passed small fishing villages)
  • Watching it rain in Hoi An while eating breakfast (I had not seen rain in almost a month and watching it rain on a peaceful street was gorgeous)
  • Kayaking in Bai Tu Long Bay in the rain with cliffs around me (this is in northern Vietnam, near Halong Bay, it was raining a lot of the time and I was one of the few people out kayaking while Vietnamese fisherman picked oysters off the stones on the shoreline)
  • Taking a tuk tuk from the Siem Reap airport to my hostel at “golden hour.” (This was at sunset and the dirt looked golden as well as kids ran along side part of the ride in)
  • Seeing the Sapa rice fields for the first time. (Sapa is in northern Vietnam, near the China border. It’s a very hilly and rural area, with small villages dotting the hills. The first view of the fields is a true force and makes you say, “wow”)
  • Vietnam homestay view (During my hiking in Sapa, I stayed with a family in a small village called Bang Ho, in a house on a hill that looked over the village. While the hosts made dinner, I got to finally relax a bit with a beer and podcasts, taking in the view)
  • Elephant observations in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (This was one of the coolest things I did. I went to an elephant sanctuary to see formally damaged and tortured elephants be rehabilitated in a natural setting. And seeing them up close and getting to touch them, was really f*cking cool.)
  • Sunrise hike at Mount Batur, Indonesia. (This was one of the most physically difficult and exhausting things I did while gone. In Bali, you can hike an active volcano to watch the sun rise over the hills. The hike was brutal but the view was amazing. And in the quiet, early morning hours, watching the sun rise above the clouds made the most beautiful palette in the sky).
  • Great Ocean Road. (This is a long stretch of highway just outside of Melbourne. It stretches for many miles and connects smaller towns along the coastline. The main highlight here is the Twelve Apostles, which is gorgeous, but part of what I really enjoyed was just taking in the entire drive, along winding coastline and various terrain).
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge. (This was another “wow” moment of seeing something larger than life and being totally taken aback by it. I could not get enough of it, and when I walked across the bridge and got a 360 view of the harbour from the Pylon Lookout, that was a truly amazing moment. The smile on my face from the selfie I took on it, says it all.)

I’m so glad I kept these notes because even reading it over here, it makes me smile to remember those moments.

Being present is still a work in progress, but this is a step in the right direction.

Are you good about being “in the moment?”