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04 August 2014

A new way to eat…update

By: Jessica B.
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In May, I posted that my doctor wanted me to try and cut out dairy, processed sugar and gluten, due to me gaining a LOT of weight.

Well, I tried it, and it was really difficult. I even tried Paleo and that was tough and exhausting. Seriously, I was exhausted ALL OF THE TIME.

Then, after a heart to heart with a few friends, knowing (at the time) that I was training, I started adding carbs back in and a little dairy. And then I found out that a medication I was on was contributing to the weight gain (in addition to some poor diet habits) so I started withdrawing that from my system too.

But then, I started thinking about how I can try and fuel my body (pre-stress fracture) with as much good nutrient-rich stuff as possible. And see how that feels.So I started adding chia and flaxseeds to my foods, got dried apricots and nuts as snacks, started making my own lunches and dinners (unless I was going out) and they were loaded with greens, nuts, veggies, beans and protein.

And sure, some dairy too, but still not at the level it was before.And you know what?

One, it was really fucking expensive. Seriously, eating healthy has made my food bill double.

Two, I started feeling better. I was shocked how I could feel full from what I was eating, but not feel gross, like I could explode.

I would feel full and STAY full for hours, much longer than I would before.

And now, I find that sometimes I sleep better too.I’ll be real, I don’t always eat healthy. I have Saturday as a cheat day, full of donuts, cookies, wine, cheese flights and stuff (okay that was yesterday), but I am trying to eat as clean as possible. And as much of my own stuff as possible too.

I’ll always drink beer, drink wine, eat fried chicken or sweets. But since it’s been more of a balance and I have seen and felt the difference, yeah I don’t mind it.

And when I get back to training, it’ll help me be a better athlete again too. WIN!

But seriously, eating healthy is expensive!

21 July 2014

How I use my toaster oven

By: Jessica B.
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Apparently, you can use your toaster oven for a lot of things. Pizzas, toast, etc.

But I use it for a much more practical purpose.

I used it to make s’mores.

Yes, you read that correctly.

My favorite thing to make in the toaster oven: s’mores.


My friend Liz introduced me to this genius and now I’m obsessed.

S’mores for dessert sometimes during the week and DEFINITELY on weekends.

You even get the little char on the marshmallow!

Sure, it’s not as good as regular s’mores over a campfire, but I highly recommend this. NOMS.

So, seriously what else can I use this toaster oven for?

06 May 2014

Learning a new way to eat

By: Jessica B.
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Hello everyone. Yes, I’m still here and am still bad about writing on this blog.

But, I’m back today because there’s been something I’ve been working with lately that I wanted to share on my corner of the Internet.

Food, well, looking at food/eating in a new way.

When I got back from my promotion trip to Paris/Amsterdam, I finally decided to see the doctor about the “weird” way I was feeling. You know, that fun bloated, water retention feeling usually reserved for the week before your period, but I felt it every single day. Clothes didn’t fit, and honestly, I just felt awful about myself, all the time.

And when I went, some of my worst fears were confirmed. I was 15 pounds heavier, officially at my “scary weight,” which is also the heaviest I have been since…high school maybe?

To say I was crushed, is an understatement. It was like facing a huge fear and knowing all of my instincts were right.

But the tests she ran point at nothing. According to my blood, I’m 100% healthy. So, while we investigate a few other things, I’ve been put on a restricted diet. No gluten, dairy or processed sugar. Or, next to none in my diet.

And as someone who has never had a food allergy (or not since I was a little kid), this is really difficult because now, I am trying to look at food in a new way.

First off, dairy. This is painful to cut back on because I LOVE DAIRY. Cheese! Yogurt! Frozen yogurt! All of the cheese!But with baby steps, I’m cutting back.

Gluten, holy cow that is in everything too, same with processed sugar!

So, for now I’m reading websites about Paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free foods (or substitutes), being more diligent about cooking at home from Paleo and gluten-free websites, drinking more water, cutting back on alcohol and trying to be smarter about what I eat. It’s all about baby steps to a new way to eat.

Is it fun? No, not always. I love donuts, sweets, cupcakes, pastries, beer (BEER!), fried foods, etc.

But I hate the way I feel, so I am willing to try something new. And hopefully, it just gets better from here.

26 January 2014

New favorite weekend activity

By: Jessica B.
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Breakfast was never my jam (pun!)

Sure I would eat breakfast but it mostly consisted of a granola bar, piece of fruit or whatever else I could get my hands on. It just wasn’t the most important meal of the day. In fact, when I travel, dinner is the only time I really SIT down to eat.

But, with me starting to run, turns out breakfast is really important. Learned that after I nearly passed out at the gym on the treadmill because I was running on an empty stomach.

So despite my previous hesitation to make and eat breakfast, I started coming around to it. And now, it’s one of my favorite weekend morning activities.

Yes, I get up, get coffee going and make breakfast. And then I sit in the living room w/the TV off, no music and read while eating.


Okay, I’ll admit I don’t mix up a lot of what I make, but now I’ve added a little serving tray to escort my breakfast in to the living room and I feel so fancy!

Guess old habits can change :)

18 February 2013

Hard habit to break

By: Jessica B.
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This year, I decided to give up chocolate for Lent. I was planning to give up alcohol but multiple friends told me “that’s f*cking crazy.” They’re right, I wouldn’t have lasted two days.

So, if alcohol is out, that means it’s time to test my will to give up my other vice: chocolate.

I have a massive, massive sweet tooth and love a bite of chocolate or even a little chocolate dessert when dining out. I cannot help myself.

But there is a difference between a “bite” of chocolate and, well having too much of it. And because I moved to the latter part of last sentence, that’s why I decided to give it up.

Yeah, this hasn’t been easy.

Friday, while in the throws of a massive cold, I ate a bit of chocolate, and didn’t even realize it until after. My giving-up-something-for-Lent coach told me this was a pass. I was sick. Then…Sunday night I had a chocolate chip cookie (or three) my friend made for dinner. But…I feel like I get a pass because that would have been disrespectful to turn down this as the final part of her homemade dinner.

Again, hasn’t been easy.

And to keep my mind off of chocolate, I’m trying to eat more veggies, chew gum and have other sweets that taste good, but, well not as satisfying.

When is Easter again? Kidding, I can do this, I think :)

Did you give up anything for Lent this year?