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26 January 2014

New favorite weekend activity

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food

Breakfast was never my jam (pun!)

Sure I would eat breakfast but it mostly consisted of a granola bar, piece of fruit or whatever else I could get my hands on. It just wasn’t the most important meal of the day. In fact, when I travel, dinner is the only time I really SIT down to eat.

But, with me starting to run, turns out breakfast is really important. Learned that after I nearly passed out at the gym on the treadmill because I was running on an empty stomach.

So despite my previous hesitation to make and eat breakfast, I started coming around to it. And now, it’s one of my favorite weekend morning activities.

Yes, I get up, get coffee going and make breakfast. And then I sit in the living room w/the TV off, no music and read while eating.


Okay, I’ll admit I don’t mix up a lot of what I make, but now I’ve added a little serving tray to escort my breakfast in to the living room and I feel so fancy!

Guess old habits can change :)

18 February 2013

Hard habit to break

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food

This year, I decided to give up chocolate for Lent. I was planning to give up alcohol but multiple friends told me “that’s f*cking crazy.” They’re right, I wouldn’t have lasted two days.

So, if alcohol is out, that means it’s time to test my will to give up my other vice: chocolate.

I have a massive, massive sweet tooth and love a bite of chocolate or even a little chocolate dessert when dining out. I cannot help myself.

But there is a difference between a “bite” of chocolate and, well having too much of it. And because I moved to the latter part of last sentence, that’s why I decided to give it up.

Yeah, this hasn’t been easy.

Friday, while in the throws of a massive cold, I ate a bit of chocolate, and didn’t even realize it until after. My giving-up-something-for-Lent coach told me this was a pass. I was sick. Then…Sunday night I had a chocolate chip cookie (or three) my friend made for dinner. But…I feel like I get a pass because that would have been disrespectful to turn down this as the final part of her homemade dinner.

Again, hasn’t been easy.

And to keep my mind off of chocolate, I’m trying to eat more veggies, chew gum and have other sweets that taste good, but, well not as satisfying.

When is Easter again? Kidding, I can do this, I think :)

Did you give up anything for Lent this year?



08 November 2012

Cooking Thanksgiving – Year Two

By: Jessica B.
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So, it’s November (wow), which means it’s time to start thinking ahead to the holidays, starting with, Thanksgiving.

Last year, my SIL and I took the baton of cooking the big meal, and it was a nerve wracking experience that ended with everyone happy and full and no major accidents. Sure, I got a burn on my arm and a cut on my hand but I had all limbs at the end of the meal!

And now, my SIL and I have started talking about Thanksgiving year two and since last year’s meal went so well, I don’t think we’ll be making a ton of adjustments!

Menu plan (so far) is:

  • Turkey (not pre-made this time!)
  • Butternut squash soup
  • Steamed green beans (with a small green bean casserole)
  • Mashed potatoes (made with real potatoes this year)
  • Stuffing

The major thing we learned last year is that we had WAY too much food. I never thought I would say that but the number of leftovers were crazy and really, we could pare it back and stick with the classics. We tossed out the rolls, cranberries and wild rice/corn dish from last year. Well, the latter isn’t totally out, yet.

I tend to go a little overboard in menu planning, making sure there is something for everyone, so most times, I overthink it and there is way too much food. So in looking at this list and adding a few appetizers on top (in case we’re running late), we should be still plenty full at the end.

When we finished cooking last year, I kept thinking, we can change things next year! Make new stuff! Try new recipes! And this year, we’re keeping it pretty simple.We are a product of routine and knowing what will be there (and thus enjoy) is not a bad thing. Change isn’t a bad thing either but sometimes, it’s nice knowing what to expect.

Now, if I can make it through this year without another new burn, I would be even happier :)

Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving?

22 October 2012

Going home

By: Jessica B.

Chicago is home most of the time but I haven’t another home too, southeastern Wisconsin. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but now, I only make it back there a few times a year.

And you don’t really get to appreciate fall when you live in the city. The foliage changes color but it’s not quite the same. And, there are no farm or corn fields within commutable distance. Fall in the city is great, but not quite the same.

So I headed north this weekend to get a break from the city, see family and get my live college football fix.

It was great and exactly what I needed.

So let’s take a look at fall on the other side of the state line.

It was a nice weekend and I’m looking forward to going back next month for Thanksgiving!

How was your weekend?

17 September 2012

Tea time!

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food, Random

This week, I leave for London.


There are so many things I’m excited about for this trip and I’m focusing on those and not my nerves.

So to kick off vacation right (once I arrive), I scheduled an Afternoon Tea session at Fortnum & Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at the recommendation of my food guru, Robin.

And to prepare for my formal English tea service (because I’m not that fancy), I went with two friends to high tea at The Drake’s Palm Court in Chicago. It’s not London, but it gave me a chance to observe and prepare myself because, I don’t want to that girl at tea.

Okay, I don’t know that much about tea but it’s fancy and fun experience and I am really kind of digging it.

So here are some photos to show a lovely afternoon with good friends, conversation and snacks. Pinkies up!


Palm Court at The Drake Hotel – The harpist was on a break

Menu and fancy china. Obviously, tea is on the menu

Three tiers of joy. My favorite: second tier in the center. Roast beef w/horseradish. Divine


Three lovely ladies at tea – Instagram style

How was your weekend?