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28 August 2011

Another one of those weekends

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Friends, Random

Happy Sunday everyone!

This was another one of those weekends, which was full of pugs, fresh air, good friends and….adult beverages.

The kind of weekend where I really see first-hand how many wonderful people are in my life and feel so appreciative that they are my friends.

It’s the kind of weekend where I go on a hot date at a coworkers house (photo of my date is below) and get to smother her pugs with attention and love. Yes, like my fur nephew, they hand it out for free.

His name is Chase and he’s so over me already

But after holding a baby and sniffing his head (which his mom was fine with), our sangria turned in to straight Merlot, which turned in to cocktails (then a fishbowl of them) and margaritas, which I blame for me being on the couch Saturday. Moments are fuzzy, but I can remember looking out on the city from the coworker’s deck, feeling the breeze on my face, hearing us laugh and thinking, yeah I’m happy.

It was also one of those weekends where I put aside my awkwardness (or most of it) and assembled a small group of close friends to have dinner on a patio, surrounded by Italian red and white wines, and several laughs at my expense. But looking around that table, seeing them there and talking among one another made me happy because they came out, spent several hours with me at dinner (seriously, service took forever) and then many joined me for a drink or two after, leaving me to walk in at 2 a.m.

So now it’s Sunday, I’m ready to get back in a routine. Let’s do this.

How was your weekend?

Movie Review: Finally saw the movie based off one of my favorite books – The Help

08 August 2011

Stay classy San Diego

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food, Friends, travel

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!

This summer, I’m spending a lot of time on the West Coast. First, it was Los Angeles, then Salt Lake City, then San Diego, my most recent travel adventure. I was there for the BlogHer conference and not only was reunited with some of my blogging loves, but also, had some damn good food and fun.

So while I’m recovering from a few days in the whale’s vagina (see Anchorman reference), I’m also preparing for Seattle coming up! Time to put away the carry-on suitcase and prepare for the one I always bag-check. Crazy, but I’m excited.

Below are some pictures from the weekend. Sadly, I didn’t take a ton of food porn photos (bad, I know), but I think you’ll see the right amount of fun with the debauchery stories kept to those that were present :)

How was your weekend?

Movie Review: Friends with Benefits, which does include gratuitous JT ab shots and music.

17 July 2011

Weekend recap: This Harry Potter thing

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Friends, Movies

Happy Sunday everyone! Right now, it is scorching hot in Chicago, even by the lake. Let’s just say, I’m not a happy camper.

But before it got hot, something very special happened, I lost my Harry Potter virginity.

Yes, that is correct and probably a tad inappropriate, but it’s true.

Before Friday, I had never seen a Harry Potter movie (in full) or read any of the books. And as of today, I have seen one of the movies. *insert heavenly music*

Despite my lack of Hogwart’s knowledge, I went with TC and two friends to see a very early Friday screening (aka 12:01 a.m.) in the burbs. It may be a long way to go for a movie, but there is good reason.

That theater is P-I-M-P.

Our theater had “premium” seating with a full recliner, blanket to keep me warm, pillow and a waiter to bring us free popcorn and drinks.

It was magical and I took advantage of EVERY SINGLE THING. I was at full recline with pillow to keep my head up (also so I don’t fall asleep) and blanket snuggled around me like a Glo Worm. I just needed to figure out how to grab my drink without moving. I should have left a comment card that said, “need longer straws.”

Anyhow, here is a silly photo of me tickled pink with joy over my theater seating. Hilarious.

So what did I think of the movie? I liked it. And I would see it again, after I catch up on the other movies and reconsider cracking open the books. Even though I knew little of what was going on, I still enjoyed it but more context will help me love it more.

Also, there was one part where tears were streaming down my face so hard I could barely see. Clearly, my waiter needed to be by my side to wipe those up. It was “premium” seating after all.

And the trailer for the Dark Knight Rises? Whoa, cannot wait.

How was your weekend? Did you see Harry Potter too?

10 July 2011

Back to blog!

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Friends, travel

Two weeks. I didn’t intend to take a two week hiatus from this blog, but once I got back from my unsuccessful dog sitting weekend, things got busy and then I was off for Los Angeles and Park City, UT. And boom, two weeks are gone.

Summer is a tough time for me to keep this site updated too. I’m busy outside, traveling or working (its my craziest time) and honestly, I need to spend more time with my non-blog life too. But, I missed writing here and am hoping to get back on track in posting.

So while I was gone, I was in Los Angeles to visit Jenn at Bottle Up the Crazy. Instead of weekly FaceTime chats, we decided to meet IN PERSON and have a relaxing 4th of July weekend in her current location. Well, when I say relaxing, I mean me bringing a list of things to visit and dragging me along for my crazy adventures.

Such as…..

Visiting the Hollywood sign (well it’s in the background, sort of)

Hiking in Runyon Canyon (the smile hides the pain I’m in)

Getting close to my “Oscar moment”

Checking out a movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery (it was Ghostbusters!)

And closing out the weekend the way it began, at the beach (at sunset this time)

I’m still editing photos from the weekend (there are a TON) but honestly, being in LA with Jenn and visiting Katelin and Nicole was amazing. Sure, I got sunburned and felt like I would literally melt in the heat, but it was SO MUCH FUN. I still missing Jenn a lot still but I’ll get to see her, Katelin, Nicole and a bunch of my favorite people at BlogHer in less than a month.

So enough about me, how are you doing? What’s new? How was your weekend?

19 June 2011

This was one of those weekends

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Chicago, Friends

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yes it was one of those weekends.

One where there is amazing spring weather in the city you love and you celebrate with friends, which can lead to things getting a little rowdy.

Such as, going to a good friend’s party with pink champagne and another friend has the f*cking brilliant idea in Kmart (where you’ve stopped to pick up a hostess gift) to arrive at the party with that champagne in a huge plastic garden swan.

I mean, that is such a genius idea, and here’s how it turned out.

This is the best champagne vessel I’ve ever seen.

It is also one of those weekends where you fall a little victim to strawberry (or raspberry) vodka lemonade (after not learning your lesson with it the year before) and end up petting someone else’s purse, which ends up being photographed.

That friends, is the look of pure joy. To be fair, the large, black Chanel quilted purse is my dream purse so the opportunity to hold it could not be passed up.

I look kind of skinny in that picture too. Not sure how that happened.

Hopefully next year, I’ll also wear a shirt to that party that isn’t see through. Seriously, WTF?

Also, I won’t fall asleep in a cab on the way home. Clearly, I’m batting a thousand in the common sense department right now.

How was your weekend?