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05 March 2008

My other single-girl shame…my kitchen

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Food, Knitting

I am not a cook. My mom is a cook, my stepmom and grandma are cooks too, but not me. I justify this because, well, I’m single. By the time I get home from work I don’t want to scour the fridge and come up with something to eat. I want to eat, eat now and then relax. My stepmom and several friends find comfort and relaxation in cooking but personally I do not. I get wound up because I want to impress people and prefer to play the ultimate hostess and ensure a flawless presentation.

Tonight I hosted my 20-something women knitting group (yes we do actually knit) and while playing host, a fellow knitter, who is a wonderful cook and huge foodie, saw my single-girl fridge, which consists of many of the same items: apples, carrots, chicken, eggs, soda (for weekends), cheese sticks and yogurt. Playfully, she teased me about it and it’s okay because I’ll admit, it is kind of sad. But I’m single. I don’t hide that I’m not a cooker but looking at my sad little fridge now, it feels like the bastard stepchild who doesn’t get enough attention from it’s mama (aka, me.) Then she dove for the freezer and I almost shut the door on her hand.

Honestly, I don’t see my fridge growing into recognizing its full potential. Because I’m watching what I eat, I need to be smart about how I use my calories each day, while getting the right nutrients. Yes, it sounds like I’m spewing key messages from my job and maybe I am, but that doesn’t mean that there is not some truth to it :)

31 January 2008

Knitting Girls Gone Wild

By: Jessica B.

I’m in my late twenties and I knit…and not with women who are four times my age, actually it’s with women I know and who are *gasp* within my age range! What I love about knitting is that while we do knit (for about 20 minutes) we also talk about anything and everything while enjoying dinner from local take out establishments.

No knitting discussion topics are too big or small, including babies, work, STDs, affairs, office interludes, “adult” toys and/or relationships. In fact, tonight we covered on all of these topics. And, yes we do laugh at the people sharing stories on these topics but it’s all in good fun. Tonight, Amanda’s beautiful daughter Ada joined us for her first knitting session and proceeded to scream and cry the entire time. Poor thing. Amanda called her attendance the “best birth control prescription” and Cassie was nice enough to break the awkward silence and say that she still wanted her own baby Ada one day, which only prompted Anne and me to say that we didn’t, which might be partially true. Fortunately, Auntie Me saved the day on the way home when Ada spit out her pacifier and required my quick work in supplementing it with my pinkie finger while franticially digging for the nook in layers upon layers of clothes.

Another good thing about knitting is that time seems to fly, which is why it’s very late and I should be packing my bags for work tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that it won’t be painfully cold tomorrow morning, however the weather in Miami is around 75 degrees daily so it’s time to shave the legs and pull out the skirts for next week!

10 January 2008

Why the CTA made me nearly an hour late for knitting

By: Jessica B.

Last night I had a sick feeling in my stomach, primarily because I was supposed to be at knitting by about 6 p.m. and ended up showing up around 6:45 p.m. Why did this happen? That would be because of my CTA nightmare, consisting of confusing the 144 and 143 bus and then a 151 driver who decided to “do his job” and be a knob about it. I was supposed to go to Wellington and Broadway, which the 143 would get me close to, but rather, my confused mind got on the 144, which dropped me at Irving Park and Marina (to those who do not live in Chicago, these intersections are NO WHERE near each other and likely 2 miles apart). So I jump on a 146 to Belmont after a brisk 3 block walk south, which gets me closer to knitting and then alas, a 151 is at Belmont and LSD/Sheridan. I frantically wave to the guy to hopefully let me on, saving time, but he denies me, waving me forward to the stop. After serious swearing, I start walking to the stop just south of Belmont, when the bus driver passes me and blows through the stop. KNOB!!! Mental note: always use TransitChicago.com to check the bus routes before I leave, unless I’m really 100% sure I know the answer.

I’m behind in posting so I might have two entries for today, as I got home late last night from knitting and had to watch the last pre-strike Gossip Girl, which was not as smutty as I hoped it would be, but still delivered for the evening.

I’m also back into watching more of Conan again, now that he’s back on without writers because honestly, it’s funnier than it was with writers and The Daily Show (now renamed A Daily Show for the interim time) have not been very funny. Sure Jon Stewart’s uncomfortable looks and laughs are entertaining, but his comment on Monday about the strike and 9/11 seemed pretty inappropriate. The Colbert Report though…still solid! I would watch that no matter what.

Okay time to check out my Sprint bill, which apparently is $124 with 80-some minutes of overtime use. Oops. Fingers crossed for a printing error!

31 December 2007

Is dead animal on the head in this season?

By: Jessica B.

So it’s still great to be back in the city – in fact, today while walking home from dinner at Bamee with Liz, I happened to see a woman on the corner of Belmont and Broadway with a fur hat, that actually still had the animals head over her forehead and the tail in the back. It was like the Davey Crockett hat on crack. And what was more interesting was that the top of the hat, behind the stuffed animal head was open! So the top of her head was exposed under all of that fur nightmare. Yikes, bad choice. I definitely did not see that in my fashion magazines.

So tomorrow is the last day of 2007 and part of me is waxing nostalgic about how my group has changed this year. New additions to my circle of friends, thanks to knitting and our master yoda – Amanda – but it’s the first year that Team Hamster won’t be together either. Sarah/Thom in SF, Mike with his gang in MI and Liz, Ryan and I pulling together plans here. Kind of sad, but a sign that things can easily change in a year. Besides, tomorrow in Wicker Park at Rebecca’s will be awesome – I must begin fasting early!

21 December 2007

Chicago’s Next Top Model and the 151

By: Jessica B.

Last night I pilgrimaged to Lincoln Park to see the most beautiful newborn, who is bound to be Chicago’s Next Top Model…Miss Ada Quinn, who is 8 lbs of beauty and with a full head of brown hair! Amanda is a rock star, looking totally normal after 5 hours of labor and delivering a child less than 24 hours ago. And the cutest part of all? Ada “hums” when you hold her, apparently it soothes her but it is the cutest thing ever!! And she didn’t cry when I held her so maybe babies do like me.

En route to the hospital, Rebecca and I were doomed to ride the slowest 151 in the city…which caused me to have a near emotional snap after it took us an hour from South Water to Diversey/Sheridan. I did say a few expletives near the Wrightwood stop, followed by the phrase “can we go???”

More great news! The Daily Show and Colbert Report return to Comedy Central on January 7, which makes this member of the Colbert Nation beyond happy. Plus, the AP just named Colbert its Person of the Year, which makes me highly anticipate a hilarious “Who’s Honoring Me Now” segment!

While doing laundry last night I watched the “Fun Run” episode of The Office, where Michael hits Meredith with his car (which wins my vote for the best season premiere opening yet). I still find the parts about Angela’s cat dying hilarious (claw marks on frozen peas!) but it makes me sad that there is nothing but crap TV on anymore because of this strike. My DVR is not happy with its new taping selections either.

Tonight is my platonic girl date with Liz – cannot wait! But first there is laundry and of course, a trip to Nordstroms spa to pick up my rock star Christmas gift for Cathy – OH YEAH! More on that later.