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21 February 2011

Another apartment pet peeve

By: Jessica B.

I’ve developed another pet peeve about my apartment building. Yes, another one to add to the list, along with laundry room antics, fires and thin walls.

This one has to do with the buzzer to my apartment.

For safety, there is a buzzer intercom at my building entry that goes to each tenant’s apartment. And of course, you should not buzz in people you do not know.

Apparently, the few regularly drunk coeds in my building and their friends forget about this.

For the last month, I’ve received regular calls to my apartment from the intercom between 3-5 a.m. on weekends from those drunk friends wanting to be let in. I answered the first time, panicked that a friend was in trouble and coming to my place for help.

What greeted me was a slurring guy asking to be let in because his friend passed out and wasn’t responding to the buzzer in his apartment. For about a minute, I thought this guy was kidding. He woke me up at 4 a.m. to be let in? I told him no and then hung up, immediately then fearing he would somehow guess my apartment number once let in and come over to kill me. So a random golf club joined me in bed that night. Although, I didn’t really sleep much after that from adrenaline and nerves.

The first time it happened, I let it slip, but now, it’s a regular occurrence and it’s making me crazy. I’m already a light sleeper/borderline insomniac, so to wake me up from the little restless sleep I get, I get ANGRY.

I’ve even stopped answering the phone, but still barely sleep after that. So, I’ve started disconnecting the buzzer phone at night and telling close friends that if they need to come over due to an emergency, to call my cell phone. That is my gauge if something is really wrong.

What about you? Has this happened in your apartment building?

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05 January 2010

The joy of thin walls

By: Jessica B.

On New Year’s Day, my hungover body was relaxing on my couch when I heard the distinct sound of someone throwing up, and it wasn’t coming from my apartment.

And as I listened to the dry heaves and sound of someone’s stomach emptying, I thought: god I hate thin walls.

As a long-time apartment dweller, thin walls/floors/ceilings are probably my ultimate pet peeve.

If I could, I would live in an apartment that is surrounded by cement, blocking out sound from any neighbors above, next door or below me. I dream about that because right now, my paper thin walls drive me B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Of course, when I rented this apartment, I didn’t know about the thin walls, thanks to a landlord who lied like a mofo. And when I realized how thin they were, I actually considered how I could shave my landlord’s head in the middle of the night, without him noticing.

So how thin are the walls/ceiling of my apartment? I can hear the woman living above me snoring, the guy living below me logging on to AOL (“You’ve got mail!”) at all hours and my non-hot next door neighbor fighting with her boyfriends, screaming, “you don’t respect me!” I can handle all of these things, but hearing someone throw up in the apartment next door? That’s just not cool, especially when I’m trying to keep from doing it myself.

But, it is better than my old Minneapolis apartment where a neighbor and her boyfriend would have sex like rabbits ALL THE TIME. It was super uncomfortable. Unfortunately, she was a screamer, fortunately, he didn’t last long ;)

What about you? What is your ultimate pet peeve about living in apartments? Or what is the funniest/worst thing you’ve heard one of your neighbors doing?

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Salad envy: Several of you commented on my healthy, delish salad that I made for dinner last night so I’ll be featuring it in an upcoming post!

16 March 2009

Public transportation pet peeves

By: Jessica B.

The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) is my main source of transportation in the city. Now that I’ve been car-less for four years and try to use cabs only when absolutely necessary, there is a certain amount of adjusting that happens when you rely on public transport.

For example, you “plan” your trips so you can maximize your time out and about. If I go out for the ATM, I also swing by the store and grab a paper too or only got to the ATM when I’m leaving for dinner. If I want to go somewhere on public transportation, I plan on it taking about 30 minutes because, well most trips anywhere in the city take at least that.
But along with these more minor changes, there are certain other things you have to allow for, like the unusual things you notice on the bus, which inevitably begin to irritate you, such as:
  • Cuddlers – If you really cannot stand to be physically separated, I recommend going back to bed. Then you won’t tickle my gag reflex
  • Loud talkers – This includes personal conversations and people on cell phones. One woman was speaking so loud on her cell phone that I could hear her over my iPod, which was IN my ears. Indoor voices!
  • Mistaking the bus for home – It drives me insane when people feel the need to stretch out the morning newspaper on a packed bus. I also enjoy stretching out with the newspaper…at my home. I don’t need half of the Times’ Business section stretched over me, thanks
  • Excessive PDA – Much like cuddling, I don’t need to watch you swap spit and feel each other up. I have Cinemax for that :)
  • Space hogs – I am guilty of this too, but it’s an unspoken rule that when the bus fills up, you move your bag from the seat next to you so others can sit down. Yes, it’s not as much fun, but it’s necessary. People who don’t do that are rude
  • Bumper cars – Eek, another thing I’m guilty of, but I really try to avoid this. This includes having people collide into you with their oversize purses or bags. If I had a nickel for every time I was hit in the shoulder or head by a purse, I could pay off my student loan. And one time, after a chick hit me multiple times in the head with her Puma bag, I pulled out a pen and made a mark on the white leather portion of the bag. Burning in hell, I know
  • Personal space issue – I don’t really have an issue with this, but after having some guy caress my butt on a packed bus once, I get very nervous when I’m packed in. Especially if the person sandwiched next to or behind me hasn’t showered or reeks of cigarettes. That is the worst!
Well those are the top things that irritate me. I may complain, but the CTA still provides me with transportation and provides me with lots of fun stories :)
What are your public transportation pet peeves? Or do you have any great CTA/public transportation stories to share?
Oh and feel free to let me know how glad you are that you don’t have to take public transportation because you have a car. I miss my car and I love driving when I go home, but my stories are never quite as interesting as in the city.

14 September 2008

Boy pet peeves

By: Jessica B.
Everyone has quirks – including me, but I’ve noticed that the guys in my life (friends and family) have a few quirks/pet peeves that drive me bat sh*t crazy, especially lately.
Now my emotions might be a bit heightened because Chicago had three days of non-stop rain, so let me know if I’m overreacting.
My boy pet peeves (in no particular order):
  • Long showers – I have two stepbrothers and I have zero idea what they’re actually doing in the bathroom when they go in to take a shower. I hear the water turn on and off but they’re in there for like 40 minutes. Come on! Some of the women in the house need to use the bathroom too. I don’t know if they’re having a religious experience or writing a book but stop hogging the bathroom and let me enjoy some hot water! I once got so frustrated with one of them that I banged on the door and told him to “pinch it off” so I could finish getting ready.
  • Tardiness (beyond “fashionably late”) – This above everything else irritates me the most. I’m usually on-time or if I’m going to be late, I call to let the people I’m meeting know. Apparently this concept is lost on guys. I can name multiple examples of when I’m supposed to meet a guy friend of mine and he shows up about 15-20 minutes late, without a call or text that he’s running behind. To account for this, I’ve adjusted the time that I actually show up to meet him, but on a day like today, when it’s pouring rain and he’s 15 minutes late with no call, yeah I’m not so sympathetic.
  • Wandering eye – Even if I’m not dating any of the guys in my life, if we’re out and having a nice platonic time, please don’t fake-listen to me while you’re checking out other girls. Thanks. Eyes on me or at least on my chest. Be a team player.
  • Lack of listening – This kind of builds off the last point. Maybe it’s a “girl thing,” that we pay better attention and can fake being interested better than guys, but seriously, I do not want to talk about you all the time. At least pretend to be interested in my contributions to our conversations.
  • Not thinking before speaking – Now this one I can be pretty sympathetic on because everyone is different in how they want guys to respond in certain situations. Many of the guys in my life lack the “comforting” gene so I’ll settle for just validating how I feel. Usually saying something like, “well what did you expect?” and “calm down,” aren’t the best things to say when a women is upset. Just a tip. 
Part of me wanted to do the whole “not noticing” pet peeve too, but many of the guys in my life, minus one, just aren’t that observant. When I dyed my hair from blonde back to brown, my dad noticed but none of my guy friends did. When I pointed it out to them, it was like they saw it for the first time! I’ve given up on my guys asking if I’ve lost weight, if I got a new top or noticing hair color/cut changes. That’s too much to ask for in my arena.
Now these are just a list of pet peeves that applies to “my guys,” so I’m sure I’ve missed things. What are your boy pet peeves? We’ll add ’em to the list!

16 April 2008

Pet Peeve: Chicago’s Summer Bummer

By: Jessica B.

I try not to list pet peeves two days in a row, but I’ve had a disgustingly long day so that rule is out the window for this occasion. 

Today was by far the nicest day in Chicago that we’ve had in a very long time. This lovely weather might actually steal attention away from the cougar that was killed in Roscoe Village this week. And it’s tough to beat a cougar, it’s a wild cougar in Chicago! 
So with the nice weather, there are inevitable things that happen in the city:
  • The crosswalks become insufferably crowded
  • Tourists – more on that another time
  • The summer homeless people come out
  • People have very high self esteem about the clothes they wear
  • and the biggest summer buzz kill….Cubs games
Now before I’m gunned down for saying that, I’m not saying that I hate the Cubs, I’m saying as a Lakeview resident that I hate evening Cubs games because of the ungodly traffic on LSD. Many of my co-workers and I actually have a Cubs game schedule at our desks so we can check for night games before we leave work. On those days, I usually try to stay late or take my time at the gym but today, I was irresponsible and didn’t check the schedule before I left work and was stuck standing on the 145 in atrocious traffic.
One woman standing behind me was so frustrated that she nearly charged off the bus, taking anyone, including me, out at Belmont. But in the midst of exhaustion and a painfully long ride home, I did do my nice deed for the day – letting a woman near me know she dropped her Chicago Card. Good karma for me!
Alrighty, Lulu wants to play some music and I’m going back to watching Juno. Pork swords!