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17 October 2011

Detour to Debbie Downer land

By: Jessica B.

Happy Monday everyone!

I consider myself to be a pretty optimistic lady. I’m “glass half full” all the time, but lately I’ve been a bit more of a Debbie Downer.

Okay, maybe not THAT bad, but maybe a little bit of a Wallowing Winnie.

Here’s what’s brought this on:

  • Pink eye. Woke up Thursday morning with it and have never had it before. Now I can’t wear eye makeup or contacts for a week. I’m really not digging for sympathy here, but this has taken a blow to my self esteem. I know I need to be au natural in the eyes but I feel embarrassed to have people see me. It’s tough
  • Elevator. My building elevator has been out for more than five weeks and no one is telling us when it will be fixed. I hope my legs are like steel when it is fixed

But, I’m working through this little turn of bad karma and balancing out the negative with positives, such as:

  • Working out. Even after a long day, I’m forcing myself to go and feeling better after. Great stress reliever
  • Costume planning. Over the next two weekends, I have theme parties that I’m attending and I’ve been really scouring for some fun stuff for my costumes. I love a project :)
  • Red lipstick. I never wear it but in prep for these parties, I treated myself to some, since that’s some of the only makeup I can wear right now. After sampling a few on Saturday, I found one that suits me and seeing my red lips in the store mirrors did make me smile

So that’s why I’ve been a little slow in posting lately. Once I get over this Debbie Downer/Wallowing Winnie hump, I will be back to being me, and being a little more regular in posts.

How is everyone else??


29 September 2011

Things I’m loving right now

By: Jessica B.

Yep I’ve been a bad girl lately, buying things (without peer pressure) and sampling things that I end up falling in love with. Some things are more tangible than others and some aren’t that healthy for me either, but sh*t happens.

Let’s take a look at some stuff I’m loving this fall, non-weather wise.

Truffle honey butter – Was served this at a new Chicago restaurant, Morso, in Lincoln Park as part of my meal and nearly licked the mason jar it came in clean. Sadly, service at the restaurant wasn’t great that night so to make up for it, my waitress gave me a hunk of it to take home. It’s delicious, I would eat it with a spoon. I want more right now.

Suri’s Burn Book – A coworker shared this Tumblr and Twitter feed with me and I’m 100% obsessed. I literally check it daily for Suri’s new bitchy, mean girl commentary of celeb children and it has made me cry laughing several times. Let’s just say, she’s not a huge fan of the Jolie-Pitts and Garner-Affleck kids. She also has a huge ego, I love it.

The Real Milania G – As a Real Housewives of New Jersey fan, this is pretty much the best Twitter feed ever. The faux Twitter profile, written from the point of Teresa’s devil child Milania is really damn funny, especially during the RHONJ airings. I highly recommend it.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery – I’m pretty much a Kiehl’s addict already but I finally started using my samples of this product at night and my face feels like butter. I have really dry/oily/sensitive skin and this feels really soothing and hydrating on it. Literally, I love the way my skin feels with this. It’s a little pricey so I’ll stick to samples for now but LOVE.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment – Friends have been using Fresh products for a while and preaching about their awesomeness but after my regular lip balm ran out (goodbye Burt’s Bees!), I picked this up at Sephora and cannot imagine living without it. Yes, it’s a little pricey too but I love how soft it makes my lips and gives them a little tint too (without being tarty). I will have to see if others agree they’re kissably soft one day.

Riding Boots – Two years ago I got my first pair of flat riding boots fromĀ  Banana Republic and have almost destroyed them from use. They’re super comfortable and perfect for wearing in snow and winter weather. Now I’m on the hunt for a new pair and finally found some similar ones at Nordstrom. They’re a little pricier than I wanted to pay but since I know I’ll wear them out, I’m okay with it. It’s almost boot season!!

What are you loving right now? Big weekend plans?

25 September 2011

Weekend recap: Fall shopping mission

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Fashion, shopping

Happy Sunday everyone! Well, the lowdown of this post is that I need fall clothes. Badly.

And no I’m not saying that as I have a full closet full of fall clothes that are sitting there with the tags on. My tendency to keep and wear things until they, well wear out, is coming full circle again and I literally don’t have much to wear.

Especially things that fit.

So Saturday, I put my iPod on, went dead inside and went shopping in downtown Chicago. I worked Michigan Avenue like it was a pole, getting in/out of stores and in/out of clothes as quickly as possible.

As always, I was prepared, wearing no jewelry and very thin tops so I could try on things over my clothes whenever possible. I hate waiting for dressing rooms.

If you know Chicago, this will make sense, and if not, well hopefully you’ll still see how productive I was. I went from H&M (north end of Michigan Avenue) to Banana Republic, Express, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor Loft and Gap (ending at the south end). I only took a 15 minute rest at Nordstrom to enjoy coffee too (and rest my arms).

And (un)fortunately, the shopping venture was pretty successful too.

Deals of the day:

  • $24 fedora at Gap (so fabulous) for $8
  • $138 dress at Banana Republic for $45

In the end, I came away with several pieces I’m anxious to try on again and hopefully keep. And I have more that I will need to add, but this will definitely help.

The one thing I did try on (and tweet/Facebook) that I didn’t get was this

I have a history of trying on sequin dresses but this time, is was a Banana Republic Monogram dress that made me look like sparkle Barbie or Elle Woods dipped in sequins. It was itchy, loud and PINK. But part of me loved it. But at $200 and so much more to buy. I couldn’t justify it. Also, I don’t even know WHERE I would wear something like this.

How was your weekend?

08 June 2011

Things I love right now

By: Jessica B.

Right now, I’m not spending crazy, but let’s just say…I’m enjoying not funneling all funds in to a trip fund again just yet :)

So now that I’m helping Chicago’s economy by doing a little spending, I’m making a little list of things I’m loving right now.

Target’s Grocery – Okay this is a little lame but I’m obsessed with the grocery section of Target. City grocery stores (even chains) are expensive but this is SO NOT. I love it.

Chobani Blueberry Yogurt – I was not a Greek yogurt fan at first, but now I’m loving this. It’s a little pricey but a nice treat

Nordstrom-brand necklaces – I bought one about a year ago and I wear it all the time. Affordable and the metal doesn’t fade after multiple wears. I just picked up the Etched Link one this weekend. LIKE!

Kiehl’s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment – My pale skin shows scars pretty well but this has helped soften the scars I do have on my face and neck. LIKE!

Truffle Salt – I brought a LOT of this back with me from Italy and it’s so tasty. Adds so much to regular pasta dishes, popcorn, etc. LIKE!

Sequin enamel bracelets (Brights and Ikat) – Found them at Nordstrom and fell in love! Stackable and bright, two things I love in bracelets

Moleskine notebooks – My stationary-savvy friend introduced me to Moleskine and I picked up an adorable red journal for Italy. A) I never lose it and b) the bookmark and elastic closure keeps it from getting damaged

Summer nail polish colors! – My go-to colors are OPI’s Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot for my toes and Essie’s Guchi Muchi Puchi for my fingernails. Time to get back in the mani/pedi routine!

What are some of the products or foods you love right now?

28 March 2011

The Forbidden Shopping Fruit

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: shopping, travel

As I mentioned last week, I’m in hard-core savings mode for Italy and I’m not a fan of it anymore. I know it will be worth it but after four months of heavy saving, I WANT TO SPEND MONEY. Disposable income? I MISS YOU SO MUCH.

Oh and it’s 20 degrees in Chicago, so winter is back and that is not helping me be distracted from shopping either.

So this intense savings time has made me rely heavily on online window shopping (thank you Pinterest for keeping me sane) and making a list of what I want to buy post-trip so I don’t go out and buy it now. But this desire to spend money has also lead me to actively window shop for things I absolutely do not need.

It’s as if my brain just likes the creative stimulation of non-trip-related research and mentally buying things. That’s what I’m telling myself at least :)

For example, here are things I’m window shopping for that I don’t need:

Condos – I blame my intense HGTV addiction for this. I online shop condos and get design/decorating ideas as well from places like Pottery Barn, Pinterest and Anthropologie. It’s intense. Sometimes, I daydream what I would do to decorate those condos, like install double ovens, butcher block countertops…take me away…

Wallets – I found a charming Louis Vuitton wallet two weekends ago that I was coveting pretty hard core. I had no intention of buying it, but looking at it, when I absolutely don’t need it, was interesting

Other trips – Yes, I have a trip within a month and the planner part of me is already very loosely researching my summer trips to Portland, Seattle, Louisana and Vancouver. Seriously, I need to stop!

Cosmetics – I have more samples and beauty products than a Nordstrom counter. I don’t need more of this stuff but I cannot resist in looking. Um, getting samples of products I’m looking at don’t hurt right?

Clearly, I need to start reading again and avoiding any store unless my item to purchase meets a rigorous screening of “do I need this before my trip? No really, do I?”

Do you online shop for forbidden things? If so, what?

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