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29 September 2011

Things I’m loving right now

By: Jessica B.

Yep I’ve been a bad girl lately, buying things (without peer pressure) and sampling things that I end up falling in love with. Some things are more tangible than others and some aren’t that healthy for me either, but sh*t happens.

Let’s take a look at some stuff I’m loving this fall, non-weather wise.

Truffle honey butter – Was served this at a new Chicago restaurant, Morso, in Lincoln Park as part of my meal and nearly licked the mason jar it came in clean. Sadly, service at the restaurant wasn’t great that night so to make up for it, my waitress gave me a hunk of it to take home. It’s delicious, I would eat it with a spoon. I want more right now.

Suri’s Burn Book – A coworker shared this Tumblr and Twitter feed with me and I’m 100% obsessed. I literally check it daily for Suri’s new bitchy, mean girl commentary of celeb children and it has made me cry laughing several times. Let’s just say, she’s not a huge fan of the Jolie-Pitts and Garner-Affleck kids. She also has a huge ego, I love it.

The Real Milania G – As a Real Housewives of New Jersey fan, this is pretty much the best Twitter feed ever. The faux Twitter profile, written from the point of Teresa’s devil child Milania is really damn funny, especially during the RHONJ airings. I highly recommend it.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery – I’m pretty much a Kiehl’s addict already but I finally started using my samples of this product at night and my face feels like butter. I have really dry/oily/sensitive skin and this feels really soothing and hydrating on it. Literally, I love the way my skin feels with this. It’s a little pricey so I’ll stick to samples for now but LOVE.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment – Friends have been using Fresh products for a while and preaching about their awesomeness but after my regular lip balm ran out (goodbye Burt’s Bees!), I picked this up at Sephora and cannot imagine living without it. Yes, it’s a little pricey too but I love how soft it makes my lips and gives them a little tint too (without being tarty). I will have to see if others agree they’re kissably soft one day.

Riding Boots – Two years ago I got my first pair of flat riding boots from  Banana Republic and have almost destroyed them from use. They’re super comfortable and perfect for wearing in snow and winter weather. Now I’m on the hunt for a new pair and finally found some similar ones at Nordstrom. They’re a little pricier than I wanted to pay but since I know I’ll wear them out, I’m okay with it. It’s almost boot season!!

What are you loving right now? Big weekend plans?

12 April 2011

Managing by the Golden Rule

By: Jessica B.

I cannot believe it but an episode of RHONY inspired this post. Yikes, it’s true. But what I saw really shocked me and I had to write about it.

In the premiere episode last week, Pinot Grigio-soaked, deer-in-headlights, Ramona interviewed college grads to work for her “marketing company,” which I put in quotes because I doubt its real validity. Granted, this segment was edited for TV but it was really horrifying to watch, especially  because I’ve been involved with interviewing and hiring in my real job (notice, no air quotes.)

What resulted on TV was a really cruel, inappropriate, unprofessional attack on these poor girls. Normally, I don’t feel bad for office staff on reality shows. Mostly because I think they are hired for effect and are the worst kind of people to work in those offices (see Kell on Earth as an example. Maddening.)

Anyhow, Ramona proceeded to condescend, insult and really beat down these poor girls in their interviews. She even went so far as to tell one that the self “package” she presented wasn’t up to her standards, an then proceeded to give her samples of her “skin care line” because the girl had a little facial acne and told her how she should improve her clothing so it was more aligned with what Ramona would want presented from her staff. That poor girl left crying and honestly, I probably would too.

I’ve been in the working world for a long time and if there is one thing I’ve really learned, it’s to manage by the Golden Rule, aka treat others as you would want to be treated. I’ve had some awful, awful bosses, who tried to break me down and crush my self-esteem. Many times, this worked, leaving me in constant tears and anxiety that I would do something wrong and get another tongue lashing. Once, I even had a guy try to  beat me down in a JOB INTERVIEW, only to tell HR after he did it as a test to see how I would react. Let’s just say, I told HR I wasn’t interested anymore.

And despite the scars these women and men have left, I am not that person to the people I manage. Why? Because it’s not productive and it certainly doesn’t help them. Sure, sometimes I have to be firm and have tough talks but I would NEVER berate them or insult them in order to make myself feel better or feel more important.

So Ramona, shame on you. I would say that I hope you learn from this situation, but I doubt you will, so I’ll go pour myself a glass of wine and just enjoy the train wreck that will be this upcoming season. Cheers!

What about you? Have you had a really bad boss or interview before?

23 February 2011

Saying goodbye to TV shows

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: television

I love TV. I watch a lot of it and get very connected to some of my shows. When you watch a show that you love for a long time, it becomes part of your routine and saying goodbye is tough.

For example, when LOST ended, I bawled like a small child. I watched that show since the beginning and it was hard to believe it was really over. Same with Sex And the City on HBO. It was such a bittersweet moment to see the stories come full circle and know that it won’t be in my DVR anymore as a new episode. And the SATC movies haven’t been as satisfying as the original series.

And now, I’ve had to say goodbye to another one of my favorite shows. Friday Night Lights.

I LOVE this show.

My friend Liz introduced me to the show (when it just aired on NBC) and within weeks, I was hooked. While she crushed on bad boy Riggins, I was a Coach Taylor girl all the way. Apparently, I have a thing for older men in authoritative jobs.

But what I also have a “thing” for is great storytelling with characters that are realistic and you can relate to. I watch enough reality TV to “escape,” sometimes I just like a great show with people you care about. That’s what Friday Night Lights was to me. I didn’t know a lot of people that watched the those, but those who did, were big fans like me.

Now, thanks to Netflix Instant, more friends are watching the show and loving it too, which makes me more happy because those are more people to talk Dillon football with!

The final season, season 5, just aired on DirecTV and isn’t coming to NBC until April. Well, one weekend, I cheated and watched the final season online because I couldn’t wait to see the end. And after a marathon two day watching session, with little sleep and lots of Dillon football, it ended. I miss it already.

It was another great season and great ending to one of my favorite shows. I’ll definitely watch it again when it re-airs on NBC and then I’ll say goodbye again, this time for good.

If you haven’t watched the show, I very highly recommend it. I know few people who watched and hated it. And if you have, let’s start dishing about the show!

What are some of your favorite shows that have ended?

17 February 2011

Some pre-weekend random thoughts

By: Jessica B.

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re having a great week. Things are crazy yet again in my world so I am keeping this post full of bullets.

Let’s venture in to my brain :)

  • Found out today from Nora and other Twitter friends that they DID see me on Oprah today. That totally made my afternoon. Tonight, I saw it with my own two eyes! I’ll try to grab a picture of it to show everyone. If you DVR’ed it, I’m at the commercial break around minute eight
  • I’m thinking of taking the 30-Day Vegan challenge. I think it would be a great opportunity to readjust my diet but giving up dairy would be a huge problem. I love dairy…a lot
  • The movie trailer for Something Borrowed (inspired by Emily Giffin’s “pink book”) was finally released. I’ve watched it probably 10 times. My man, John K, is looking SUPER hot in this yet again. I’ll be seeing this
  • Bethenny Ever After starts in two weeks on Bravo and I cannot wait. I would love to have tea and scones with Bethenny and Gail Simmons. They are my Bravo girl crushes
  • My HGTV addiction is on full-force. I am obsessed with House Hunters and Selling New York. Makes me want to have my own home
  • An SLR is in my future but I can’t pull the trigger to buy. Sometimes, I hate being so cautious with spending
  • I’m also becoming addicted to Fringe and Parks and Rec. Both are must-watches in my DVR and I look forward to both each week. My Pacey crush is getting bigger too
  • I have another week to take vacation this summer. I’m thinking of Seattle and Portland or Seattle and Vancouver. I honestly cannot decide

Well, I think that covers just about everything I’m thinking about right now.

What’s on your mind? Any big weekend plans?

10 November 2010

Random non-weekend, pre-trip thoughts

By: Jessica B.

I love to travel but I get so wound up before I leave that I work myself into a total tizzy, much like I’m doing right now. URGH I hate when I do that!

Anyhow, to help clear my cluttered mind of random stuff I’m thinking about, I put together a lovely bulleted list of things on my mind, some more random than others.

  • How long will it take once I arrive in Mexico to be on the beach with drink in hand? My guess? One hour (at the most)
  • Is it possible to wear leggings as pants all the time and not look silly? I’m willing to try
  • I’m totally obsessed with Boo the dog on Facebook. Seriously, I would steal that dog. I want one just like him (kidding?) The video of his “typical day” makes me scream with cuteness
  • This week’s episode of Glee was so amazing. I’m letting myself download three (or four) songs…or maybe just all of them :)
  • Daylight savings time is bringing me down. I love getting another hour of sleep, but dark at 5 p.m.? Really?
  • Arielle asked me this weekend if everyone in the Midwest is obsessed with football. After seeing the crowds at the bar Sunday, I think she’s right
  • Why is picking paint colors so difficult? I’m so indecisive with what colors to select for my living room/bedroom. I’m thinking off white and light gray but I cannot commit. Blerg
  • I’m pretty much also stalking photos from the Breaking Dawn set in Brazil. I’ve got Twilight fever yet again!
  • I need to get back in for a mani/pedi stat. I did my own last night and it was…well embarrassing
  • I’m dying to try Temptu’s Under Eye Concealer. I have serious under eye circles

Also, THANK YOU everyone for the feedback on the dresses to wear to the wedding. Holy cow, I was truly blown away by the response it got!

The dresses I packed tonight are the Banana Republic purple/black dress, floral dress and pink NY & Co. one. The final pick will be a gametime decision, but I feel good about all of them thanks to you guys! I even laid out jewelry, purses and shoes. I will be glammed up in any of those dresses!

What’s on your mind lately?