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30 September 2010

Random Thursday thoughts

By: Jessica B.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday because this week has been a long one. I’ll blame the start of the new month…yeah that’s it.

Either way, woo for Friday!

As I’m easing back into a blogging groove again, I realized there are a few loose ends I wanted to revisit based on some recent blog posts.


First up, Roomba. I tweeted last week that I haven’t run my beloved Roomba in almost a week. I think she fears that I’m mad at her or don’t love her any more. That could not be further from the truth. Mama J has just been busy! But I’m sure there is plenty of hair for her to pick up this weekend :)

In fact, I wanted to share a quick video I made a few weeks ago of my babies Roomba and Bubbles. I grabbed a photo of them together in my apartment and now I have physical proof of their interaction while Roomba cleans my apartment.

Yeah apparently they do NOT get a long. Roomba is one tough b*tch.


So my contacts situation has not improved and lately, I’ve been wearing my glasses more. Sure, I’m still nervous about wearing them in public, but due to horrible eye itching and discomfort, I’ve had to get over that more and more. And, to my surprise, people come up and compliment me on them. Again, they may just be acting nice but it is helping the anxiety ease up :)

And to further help me get over my dislike of wearing my glasses in public, here is a slightly bad photo of me in them.

Cash Cab

Okay this isn’t in a previous post but I am obsessed with this show. I watch it at the gym sometimes and I cannot get enough. When I was in New York during BlogHer, I hoped every single cab I got in was Cash Cab. Tonight, Cash Cab did a bit on 30 Rock and it made me laugh and feel jealous that Tracy was “on” that show. I don’t want to brag but I think I would be awesome on it, especially if there are mostly movie/pop culture questions. Is anyone else obsessed with this show?

Anything random on your mind? Or do you have big plans for this weekend?

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13 September 2010

Fall TV is back!

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: television

This morning, I checked my DVR and saw that some of my favorite shows were in it, leading me to squeal in excitement, “Fall TV is back, yay!!!”

Yes, I yell things like that out loud. That’s one of the perks of living alone.

The BIG premiere week is next week (thank goodness I’ll be back from Denver for it!) but a few shows are starting now, which is a good move by the CW.

And thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s new issue, my DVR is going to be working overtime over the next few weeks as I select what shows I’ll keep watching this season and which one will be welcomed into my loving DVR recording schedule.

Here’s what I’m excited to see again in the DVR:

  • Glee (shock)
  • Modern Family
  • The Office (let’s hope it’s funny this year)
  • Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass, I missed you!)
  • Life Unexpected
  • The Good Wife
  • Cougar Town
  • Fringe (I need to start watching this more)
  • 30 Rock
  • Parks and Rec
  • Chuck

New shows I’m curious to check out:

  • Running Wilde (It’s like a marriage of Arrested Development and Felicity. Yes!)
  • Lone Star (Dallas-inspired. Yeah, I grew up watching Dallas)
  • My Generation
  • Law and Order Los Angeles (this could be really bad, but I’ll try it)
  • Undercovers (I love you JJ Abrams)

I have a very rigid screening process for my new TV shows because, well, I have to make sure I can actually watch everything I’ve recorded. And unless I give up sleep, work or working out, those shows will just be deleted, and why would I waste valuable space for that?

What shows are you excited to see again? Do you plan to check out any of the new shows coming out?

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09 September 2010

Random pre-weekend thoughts

By: Jessica B.

Oh my gosh it’s another post dedicated to the random sh*t floating around in my head. I’m in the midst of still planning for  Denver for my trip next week so rather than have a post about something and turns into a random rambling, I’m organizing my thoughts into bullets to spare everyone’s sanity.

Let’s see what sick stuff I’m thinking about this week:

  • Glee starts in two weeks. My level of excitement is dialed up to 11. I really hope season 2 doesn’t suck
  • I didn’t get the iPhone last weekend and now am thinking about holding off until after Denver in case something goes wrong while I’m gone. Maybe I’m crazy and should just get it and stop worrying
  • I’ve been craving sushi like crazy lately. I want it all the time. Maybe my body wants me to be a mermaid or fish
  • Fall is definitely coming to Chicago. Time to start eating more and working on my “winter coat”
  • Why do I keep getting these painful, below-the-skin blemishes on my face? Those f*ckers hurt
  • I love the show Teen Mom, but I don’t love reading about them on the cover of entertainment magazines. These people are not MTV celebs. Please stop!
  • Few of my friends love to hug but I know they really missed me when they voluntarily hug me after being gone for a while. It feels awesome :)
  • I’m officially on a strict spending budget, minus Denver, until I get my bonus. Between paying my credit card and Nordstrom bill (damn you birthday!) and now booking Mexico for November, I’m getting a little freaked out. Why does this stuff all come together at once?
  • I’ve started dancing when I’m alone in elevators again. I hope the security people aren’t jealous of my sick dance moves in the security camera*supastar!*
  • I keep hearing the phrase “dry humping is not a f*cking joke” from Going the Distance in my head and laughing, I am so immature, especially when it comes to dry humping

Also, I’m going to try and get a Roomba video going this weekend, provided my teenage girl cooperates and I don’t have to pull her off the Wii Fit again. Kids.

Thank you for visiting my brain again, I promise I cleaned out all of the inappropriate things I was previously thinking (and dreaming) about. Your virgin eyes are safe!

Also, I’m taking about movies I love over at Katelin’s blog while she’s gone. You can find me here.

What’s everyone else up to this weekend? Anything fun or anything on your mind to share?

30 August 2010

Emmy fashion recap!

By: Jessica B.

Oh boy! It’s time for award season and that means it’s time for another “witty” fashion recap by yours truly!

I can tell you’re all excited :)

Yes, I watched the Emmys last night, picked my high and low points and scoured the red carpet for the best and worst dressed.

So less talking, more photos and recap, let’s go!

Best dressed:

Flawless from head to toe. Loved all the navy on the red carpet!

Also flawless. The black belt really adds sophistication

Classically dress men. Hot and hotter, hello!

Simple, elegant and age appropriate. Well done!

Yes, the dress is a little frumpy but she had a baby 3 weeks ago and she looks awesome

I swear it’s not an all-Glee fashion recap but I love this look with her red hair and jewelry. So fun

Not so best dressed:

I don’t mind the black & white combo but the top just looks messy

I love her curves but the color of this dress makes it unflattering outside of the boobs

Bold, but it’s just a bit too…much. And the sourpuss look isn’t selling it either

I love Alexander McQueen but there is just too much metal on the chest, not a fan

I actually don’t hate the dress or Mindy but I do hate that hair and how it drags down the look

Show high and low points:


  • Glee/Jimmy Fallon opener – I’m a huge fan of the 6-Bee segment on Jimmy’s show so to merge it with Glee, that’s like a musical joygasm. It was funny, entertaining and creative, minus the Kate Gosselin cameo. Check it out here
  • Intro montages – The bits with the writers and directors answering questions in video responses was pretty hilarious. Of noteworthy mention: Tina Fey and Ryan Murphy
  • Modern Family – I love this show and I was so excited to see it win for Best Comedy and Supporting Actor categories. Very well deserved
  • Jane Lynch – She is truly awful as Sue but I love that she won, and gave big love to Chicago!


  • No love for LOST – Yes, Mad Men is amazing, but the LOST finale was really wonderful, so I hoped it would get more love
  • FNL loss -Yeah, I’m obsessed with this show, I was also disappointed this went away empty handed after a so deserving nomination
  • Tweet the presenters – Leading up to the Emmys, NBC was promoting that Twitter users could send in tweets about certain presenters that will be read on screen. Yes, I entered, but was disappointed to see during the show only two presenters had tweets read as the intro. Sure, things change, but don’t promote it if you can’t back it up

What about you? Did you watch the show? What were your favorite parts or best/worst dressed?

29 July 2010

My latest obsessions

By: Jessica B.

Yes, I wanted to channel Usher and Nora with a post dedicated to “confessions,” but sadly, I have nothing worthwhile  or remotely interesting to confess (right now) so I’m focusing on something more healthy, like things I can’t get enough of.

I have an addictive personality and I can get fixated on stuff and then I cannot stop gushing about it. No, that is not meant to sound creepy OR stalkerish.

Let’s take a closer look at what I’m currently obsessed with:

  • Longchamp Le Pilage tote – I have this in the medium and large size and LOVE IT. I had to replace my medium one lately because I literally wore it out after three years. They are perfect for travel and everyday
  • Red wine – Yes, Napa has made me fall in love with it. I have started enjoying a glass more regularly at dinner (on the weekends for now) and it’s just so…yummy
  • Kiehl’s Acai Berry Cleanser – This was an impulse buy and I love it. The foam feels like kisses on your face. KISSES
  • Bethenny Getting Married – I love this show, so much that I will rewatch reruns! I would love to go get coffee with her one day, I think we would both have a good laugh
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – I wore this to Pitchfork in 90+ degree weather and it didn’t run down my face while sweating. Obsessed!
  • Homemade pizza – I made one this weekend with Mexican Jack cheese, ricotta and sweet onions. OMG it was SO unhealthy but delicious. Isn’t that how it always works?
  • Ice cream – Yep, still obsessed with this one. I have a tub of French Silk ice cream in my fridge and I have no idea how I will be able to resist it
  • Red velvet cupcakes – My coworker brought some in from Sugar Bliss today and I immediately dove for one of the two available Red Velvets. Yes, I love them that much

Yes, clearly I always have skincare, makeup, food and TV on the brain. That’s normal right?

What are you loving lately? Any big weekend plans?

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