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22 July 2010

Random pre-weekend thoughts

By: Jessica B.

That’s right, it’s time for another edition of random pre-weekend thoughts. This week has been a little nuts so I’m going into a bulleted haze to talk about some random sh*t brewing in my brain. It’s like a sea of ADD-inspired thoughts. Beware (again).

But tomorrow is FRIDAY and I’m wicked excited about it. Let’s get started:

  • Is anyone else excited it’s almost Friday? Seriously, these weeks feel so long lately
  • I love Top Chef. Really, I’m obsessed, but I’m not feeling this season. Something feels…off. And Padma’s boobs make me scared of having my own kids. Those babies are HUGE
  • Why are all my celeb fantasy men getting married? First John Krasinski and now Orlando Bloom? I need to start preparing to be wife #2 because you KNOW they’ll be waiting for me in a year :)
  • Britney has frightened me away from ever having hair extensions thanks to this photo. I am disgusted and frightened *frantically pets my hair*
  • Mad Men is BACK on Sunday and I feel the urge to buy cigarettes and stock up the bar in anticipation. I am OBSESSED with this show and I cannot wait for it to be back
  • I really wish my landlord would get back to me about lease renewal. I hate waiting and I have no idea if I’m staying in my apartment or not. CALL ME
  • Is it healthy to be a 30-year-old woman and stalking Josh Duhamel in downtown Chicago during Transformers’ filming? I’ll say…yes?
  • The hot weather makes me want ice cream all the time. Is it possible to be addicted?
  • It is normal to go through a stage where you want a baby or puppy every time you see a cute one? Why won’t people let you randomly cuddle with their children or animals?
  • My new approach toward shopping is to ask myself “do I really need this?” before buying. So far, so good!

Also, I’ll close by saying that MY NAPA WINE IS HERE AND IN MY HOUSE. I am SO HAPPY and excited to see it again. I’ll post pictures of my wine bounty on Sunday. I am digging into it later tonight!

Thank you for visiting my brain. I am now back to counting down to the weekend.

Does anyone have fun weekend plans? What are you thinking about?

17 June 2010

TV shows I’m watching this summer

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: television

As just about everyone knows, I love TV and my DVR, especially  because the latter lets me save up my trashy shows and enjoy them in a Friday night or Saturday  morning marathon. Heaven.

But it’s summer, which means the “good” TV is done and I have to reset the DVR for limited time programming. No joke, after Glee ended, the emptiness of my DVR made a tear trickle down my face. Okay that’s only half true.

I bet that my DVR thinks that it’s going to get a break but that b*tch is still going to be working. For real.

So I poured through Entertainment Weekly and a few other sources and put together a list of my summer TV schedule. Some shows haven’t aired yet but knowing that they will be in the DVR soon is good enough for me.

Here’s what I’ll be watching this summer:

Mad Men

Hated season 1 but have been addicted from season 2 through now. Amazing costumes and storytelling. Plus Don Draper is hot

The Closer

I love this show. It’s smart, funny and dramatic without graphic violence

Jersey Shore

Do I need to say any more? Train wreck hello!

Top Chef DC

I am obsessed with this show. I’ve watched every season and I still watch reruns. I wish I was that talented with food

The Millionaire Matchmaker

I just found Patti on Twitter and this is another show that I laugh and cringe watching. Plus, her advice is pretty dead on

Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List

Sure, she can be a bit much but she can always make me laugh

Rescue Me

No joke, this show is a little f*cked up but it has the best theme song out there and the most honest guy-talk I’ve ever seen. Plus it’s hilarious

Shows I’m curious to check out:

The Good Guys

This got a lot of good reviews so I’m going to add this in the DVR and check it out. I need to get some new shows to watch

Covert Affairs

Reminds me of Alias but less complicated. And I love Christopher Gorham from Ugly Betty!

So that’s just a quick list of  what I have my eye on this summer. I’m sure I’m missing things though so if you have a great summer TV show recommendation, let me know!

My DVR will not appreciate it, but I will :)

Anyone have big weekend plans?

03 June 2010

More random pre-weekend thoughts

By: Jessica B.

Thanks to Memorial Day, it’s a short work week but holy sh*t it doesn’t feel like it! Tomorrow is Friday and I will bust out of work to start the weekend like I did in elementary school when summer started. I get very excited about starting my weekends :)

Anyhow, the short week has me all thrown off and out of sorts so I’m to give in to the random thoughts bouncing around in my head.

Prepare to enter the vortex of my odd mind:

  • Is it embarrassing that I love teen fiction? Last weekend I read the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and I am totally obsessed. I wish I could teleport to August when the final book comes out so I can see how it ends
  • Conan O’Brien’s tour was in New York this week and not only did his dance off with Colbert and Stewart make me cry laughing, but also my true love, John Krasinski stopped by. He’s really hot in this picture.
  • It felt weird that LOST wasn’t on this week. I feel like that will be a big void in my DVR, but my tear ducts will be happy to have some mercy
  • Tonight I’m buying tickets to a midnight showing of Eclipse for Amy and me in Napa! I can’t wait!!!!!
  • I need to start researching wineries for my trip to Napa in a few weeks…and I have not even started. Please, if you have any recommendations, send them my way!
  • A coworker shared this clip of a horribly romantic wedding proposal and I did tear up watching it. See, I’m not so dead inside! I love sappy, romantic stuff like that because I’m jealous
  • I hate coming home to an empty DVR because of summer hiatus. But, I’m sure I can fill my DVR with plenty of good/trashy TV soon, like Top Chef, Bethenny Getting Married, Rescue Me and of course, RHONJ. Cannot live without that
  • I was sad to hear Rue McClanahan died today. She was sassy on Golden Girls…I like sass
  • I got to taste Rotel and Velveeta dip (clients) for the first time today and it was AH-MAZING. I must make this again soon
  • There are Twilight pre-paid credit cards available by MasterCard. No joke, I want one but think it would look weird to have an 18 year old Jacob in my wallet :)

Phew, lots in my head this week. What’s on your mind? Any big weekend plans?

26 May 2010

Glee live in Chicago!

By: Jessica B.

It’s official, I’ve seen the scariest fans ever. No, they aren’t Twi-hards or Trekkies, they’re teenage Glee fans.

And they’re taller than me too. FAIL.

Tonight was the first of two Glee concerts in Chicago (part of a four-city tour) and ever since I heard it was coming to Chicago, I was determined to go. And after some drama, negotiating and tears, I scored two floor seats. YES!

TC and I sacrificed watching the Lady Gaga episode live to see the show and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

The show was AH-MAZING.

Really, the staging, singing and costumes were awesome. We even got to see Bad Romance live (thanks Perez for the tip) and it was insane. Everyone was on their feet but no one was really dancing….except TC and me, who literally sang, screamed and danced the entire time. People must have thought we were insane but we shut it down. Fo sho.

Here are some photos! Note: So that I don’t ruin everything for the New York fans, you can see more photos on my Flickr page.

After the show, TC and I were going to the car when we saw people gathering at the stage door, so we joined for a little bit, hoping to catch a glimpse of the cast. And then the screaming and pushing started because my man, Cory Monteith (Finn) was like, right there, and I thought I was going to be trampled to death. No joke, having girls pushing, pulling at your clothes and body to get closer, was kind of scary. But I emerged safe and in one piece…and with an autograph :)

TC and I even went back into the mess for her man, Mark Salling (Puck) and boom, there was another autograph on the program.

It was pretty f*cking exciting :) And yes, Cory is smoking hot in person (OMG HOT) and Mark was pretty cute too. So awesome.

The entire night was worth every penny, tear, pleading email and hours spent researching to get us there. I’ll be on this high for a few days.

Also, big thanks to Chicago’s I-90/94 express lane for getting us to the show quickly in rush hour traffic!

What about you, did you get to see Glee on Tour? Or what is your favorite Glee song?

19 May 2010

Conan’s Legally Prohibited tour!

By: Jessica B.

Conan’s Legally Prohibited tour is in Chicago for two nights and I’m purposely staying up late to tell you all how awesome it was.

For real.

I may be biased though because I love Conan. I’ve been a rabid big fan of his since his former late show on NBC. On my first-ever trip to New York, I requested tickets to his show and got them every night we were there (this was before he was hot.) I love his sense of humor, interview style and overall zaniness. Plus, a masturbating bear? Genius.

I faithfully watched his former late and Tonight Show episodes and when the whole Leno/Conan drama went down, I was hard core on Team Coco.

And with a little luck from Twitter and Ticketmaster, I was fortunate enough to get tickets. And then jump/prance around like a little kid.

So before I head back to pack and get some sleep before leaving for Vegas, I wanted to share with everyone some photos from tonight’s show!

Kendra, Robin, Lauren and me outside the theater (yes, it was packed)

Chicago Theatre marquis

Screen image, yes!

Musical number (Conan did a lot of these)

Andy showed up! And so did a self-loving friend from his NBC show

John C. Reilly showed up to pull the Chuck Norris lever (it was hilarious)

Finale Rockabilly number (yes, that is a huge inflatable bat)

What was really cool after that last photo was Conan rocked out in the audience and even ran up the balcony to give the people in the high seats a treat. Awesome.

Conan said his goal for the evening was to have us leave and feel like it was worthwhile experience.

It totally was :) I left laughing and smiling and I cannot wait to see him on TBS in November.

Are you a Conan fan? I know it’s early to ask too but does anyone have big plans for the weekend? I’m off to Vegas but I promise to behave (maybe!)