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30 July 2009

My kind of reality show

By: Jessica B.

I’ve talked about my love of reality TV before on this blog, in fact, Alexa has written why she’s not the Bachelorette and Katelin even talked about what she’s tired of in the reality TV-world, so it got me thinking, what kind of reality show would I be on?

I like romance but honestly, taking me out on romantic dinners all the time, going on exotic trips and destination dates is not the way to completely win me over. Oh don’t get me wrong, these things are nice but there is an easier way to go about it.

Today, I decided to design my own reality dating show. Move over Daisy of Love, it’s time to list out what guys would do on my show to win my affection.
Sure, dates are nice but I need a man who can not only create romance, but also be real. The kind of guy that doesn’t turn into a toad when the show is over and has skills beyond making out and heavy petting. Although that is nice too. Wink, wink.
So here is what guys will do on this reality dating show to try and get a rose from me:
  • Paint my apartment – OMG a guy who could successfully help me paint my living room/dining room would be a gem
  • Hang pictures and my massive Pottery Barn mirror – nothing says hot like driving a nail into the wall. Hey-oh!
  • Reach things in high places – I’m sure watching me jump for or climb on things to reach tall items is enjoyable for them, but not for me
  • Not leave balled-up wet towels on the floor (gross)
  • Let me have control of the remote sometimes (no, I won’t torture him either by just watching Bravo or Lifetime)
  • Make a nice dinner (I’m a no frills girl anyhow but for coming home and seeing him cook, hot)
So that is my list of activities guys will have to do on my dating reality show to win my affection. I need a guy who can hang pictures and then take me out. Trust me, that increases your chances of heavy petting…because the pictures I have to hang are pretty heavy for me to hold up :)
What would guys have to do on your reality show to win you over?
Blog note: I’ve finally started adding reviews on the review blog here, so far I have two up and running. That blog also has a Google Reader/RSS feed as well
Reader note: Thank you everyone for your feedback on telling JohnBoy about my site. I have some thinking to do about how to handle it but your thoughts were really helpful.

27 July 2009

My blog’s hot new look

By: Jessica B.

Welcome to new Everyday Adventures!! Woooo!!!! That’s right, I cranked the “cool factor” on this blog all the way up to 11 and I’m not turning it down.

I’m still your hostess, Jessica, would you like a cocktail or appetizer, pigs in a blanket maybe?

When I started blogging in December 2008, I literally typed “start a free blog” into Google, and Blogger came up (shock!), but because I wasn’t sure if I would keep blogging, I stayed with the standard Blogger template because a) it was easy and b) I was lazy.

But for the last few months, I’ve been working on several BIG changes and I’m finally ready to share them with you!

Here are some of the new things on this site:

Design (duh) – I really love this design. I think it really captures me and what this blog is about. A few more changes will be coming in along the way but for now, I just can’t stop staring at how pretty it is. And if you met me this weekend at BlogHer, you already got a little preview but now you can see the entire thing! I also want to say a big thanks to Mark G. Davis who helped design and implement everything.

Dumping Blogger – Blogger was a great place to start but lately, it’s become less user friendly for me and the fact that I cannot reply to comments makes me crazy!!! So I broke up with Blogger and starting fresh on WordPress (Blogger, it’s not me, it’s you). I still have no idea how to fully use this platform either so bare with me :)

Feeds – If you subscribe to me through RSS, all you have to do is hit “refresh” in Reader for the new URL to be grabbed. Yes, there is a partial feed issue right now with RSS that I’m working to adjust. If you subscribe to me through my regular, Atom feed, you will have to update your links (sorry!) My sidebar option to update in Google Reader has been finicky so if that doesn’t work, please copy/paste the new url, http://www.myeverydayadventures.com into Reader and you’ll be all set.

I promise it takes two seconds *bats eyelashes*

Reviews – I don’t really mention products on here but I wanted to create a space where I can share things I recently have bought and love with everyone rather than figure out a way to finagle it into my main blog. So be on the watchout for cool stuff coming up on that too

So yeah, take a tour around and let me know what you think. The site’s definitely a work in progress but this place feels more like “me.” Content will still kick a** so don’t worry. Oh but be sure to use a coaster with your drink, I hate water marks on my coffee table.

Any issues with your feeds, e-mail me at: myeverydayadventures@gmail.com and I’ll keep working on them.

And come back tomorrow because I’ll have my BlogHer recap including my photo with Tim Gunn. Make it work!

11 June 2009

Guest post: Non-Bachelorette material

By: Jessica B.

This hilarious post comes from Alexa at Cleveland’s a Plum. And I have to say, ITA with her below that I could never be a reality TV star.

for many years i didn’t watch any of the seasons of the bachelor or the bachlorette because let’s be honest, it’s cliché as hell.

but for whatever reason my roommate and i really got into the last bachelor season with jason, melissa, holly and the second runner up jillian.

jillian is truthfully why we are watching this season’s bachelorette at all – we love her. the dreamy bachelor’s vying for her attention don’t hurt either (i’m looking at your ed and reid).

but after watching week after week I have decided that as much as I love the show i could never (EVER) be the bachelorette for a few specific reasons:

  1. no one needs to make out that much with that many people. just image what would happen if there was a mono outbreak!

believe you me, i’ve been known to be quite the make out bandit in my hay day but having random lizard tongues flicking me at every turn would be a bit much

  1. knowing that my family and friends would be watching me make out that much

the fact that at times I have to cover my eyes because i can’t watch the awkwardness of the smoochy boochy pillow talk and it’s people i don’t even know, i can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like for people that know me in real life

  1. getting fed constant bullshit

there’s no possible way that every single one of those guys are falling in love with her, it’s bull caca. watching some of the contestants is like watching a slimy salesman selling themselves for sloppy kisses. (except for ed and reid, they can do no wrong)

  1. “i think i’m falling in love with you”, “no i love you more”, “i never thought i could fall in love this fast”, “i don’t normally have feelings like this”

when i hear those phrases all that comes through is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. i think there should be a drinking game associated with the bachelor and bachelorette that when any of those lines are uttered you have drink

and yet, I still watch – every. single. episode.

maybe i’m jaded, maybe i’m turning into a bitter old spinster, but i just don’t think i could be the bachelorette. that and the fact that the idea of me frolicking around a sausage fest in a bikini is something that no one deserves to see.

so what do you think – could you put yourself out there and be the bachelorette (or bachelor)? what about even just being a contestant?

19 February 2009

Tidbit Thursday

By: Jessica B.

So my last post was a little heavy topic-wise, I thought I would lighten it up a little today with some fun bullets!

Let’s check out what’s noodling around in my noggin.

  • Over the weekend, I bought a summer dress from JCrew for 10.25 percent off (no sales tax.) And I am LOVING it. Even though I’ve only worn it in my apartment because…it’s not summer outside…yet, I cannot wait for it to warm up so I can wear it. The dress is a shorter version of this one in chocolate brown
  • And because I’m weak, I also bought more JCrew argyle socks, which I’m am obsessed with. I have four pairs now and have my eye on two more pairs. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with it, but I feel like it allows me to indulge my inner preppy personality…and I like it!
  • For some reason, I have been very forgetful lately, which is unlike me. I can remember very random things about anyone. My recent incidents include: running into walls, nearly missing dentist appointments and forgetting parties I’ve RSVP’ed for. It appears as though my mind is scattered
  • Tomorrow starts Chicago Restaurant Week and I am so excited I could spit. For one week each year, select Chicago restaurants open their doors and serve prix fixe lunches and dinners for $22 and $32 respectively. This year I’m going to four restaurants: Prosecco, Carnivale, Le Colonial and Coco Pazzo. Expect pictures from the first two places on Sunday
  • Speaking of Sunday, it’s Oscar time and my work is doing a pool. Fortunately, I just got my Oscar edition of Entertainment Weekly so I’m ready to put my $2 in and vote. Keep your fingers crossed that I win!
  • Also, I’m f*cking TIRED of this winter weather. Today was minus zero again with the wind chill and now another winter storm is heading our way. I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire life, but suddenly, warmer, non-winter climate is lookin’ real good
  • I’m still puzzled by a man at the gym who was headbanging to his iPod one minute and then admiring himself in the mirror while moving his hips in Shakira-like fashion. People at my gym are weird
Oh and here is the picture of me holding the Oscar that I mentioned in Sunday’s post. I want to thank my dad, family and of course, myself. I could not have done it without you!
Does anyone else have big plans for the weekend?

Also, since the Oscars are Sunday, I will be featuring the best/worst dressed stars on Monday. Feel free to prepare yourself for the lack of mercy I will show by checking out my past SAG and Golden Globes recaps.

Reader note: Thank you to everyone for your great comments on Tuesday’s cheating post. I really appreciate everyone sharing their personal stories and thoughts on it. It was really interesting to read  everyone’s opinion on it.
Also, I’ll post the winner to the BOCA Balanced Living giveaway on Sunday too!

17 February 2009

How do you define cheating?

By: Jessica B.
I am a pretty forgiving person, but I am pretty cut and dry on the topic of cheating.

Cheating is something I do not tolerate. Call me unforgiving and rigid, but I have more experience with cheating than I want to, so this has shaped my opinion on the topic.

In my experience: If you’re really happy in your relationship, you don’t cheat.
When my ex-boyfriend admitted he cheated on me – to help his conscience feel better – I asked why he would do this, especially because I thought we were happy. And he said, “if I had everything I wanted, I wouldn’t have had to look elsewhere.” Yes. He was a winner.
But some of my guys friends have said, “what do you define as cheating?” And let’s look beyond the whole Road Trip movie definition of cheating, being in separate area codes, etc.
Is kissing cheating? Especially if it happens in a bar while intoxicated? You might not have knowingly done it otherwise so it shouldn’t count right?
Hmmm, that’s a tough sell. It may be misguided but “in vino veritas” has some truth to it. Usually, if I’ve had too much to drink, I may misbehave but it’s because my actions have some element of truth to them. Especially when it comes to guys.
I’m not saying you have to be a saint and never look at another man or woman again, but I almost have to agree with my ex, if you’re really happy, you don’t cheat, in any way. I also firmly believe in trust in a relationship too and cheating betrays that fundamental trust. Honestly, I don’t know if I could ever trust my boyfriend again if he cheated.
For girls, I also adhere very well to the rule of “not dating a friend’s ex.” I fear I might be one of the few that still do this too after two former friends dated two of my separate exes and told me to “get over it.” Maybe this is a bigger issue of attracting the wrong kind of people to me as friends/boyfriends.
I really enjoyed the feedback to my post about living together before marriage so I’m very curious to hear everyone’s thoughts about this topic too.
Could you forgive cheating, or have you in the past? If you did cheat, did you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend? Or would you date your friend’s ex? Is there ever a gray area in that issue?