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12 October 2009

Wedding fantasy vs reality

By: Jessica B.

I am a huge Jim and Pam fan on The Office. Okay, cute Jim/Pam moments are half of the reason why I watch that show. Alright, a small percentage of that cuteness is also my borderline stalkerish love of John K.

Moving on, last week I watched the big Jim/Pam wedding episode (and the trailers obsessively) and cried, swooned and felt excessively happy. I mean, really, it was just too cute for words.


And it got me thinking about my wedding fantasy and reality. Yeah I know, talking about my wedding when I’m not even dating, that’s healthy and makes SO much sense :) So here we go!

Fantasy 1: Black-tie affair with flowers, soft lighting and everyone looking dapper in their best dress

Reality 1: My family isn’t very formal. Khaki’s are “dressed up” for us, so I am willing to bet that “black tie” is not something in their closet.

Fantasy 2: Garden wedding, with seersucker, pastels, foliage everywhere and a comfortable, natural setting

Reality 2: I hate bugs, fear bees more than rats and it makes the wedding really weather-dependent. And I’m not the kind of girl who likes 50/50 odds on my weather forecast.

And, I love the women in my family, but they are a little…vocal…and opinionated, which made me realize too that the wedding ideas would likely go through rounds of negotiation with me likely not being the winner at the end.

But then I watch The Office and see Jim/Pam run off and get married (unofficially) on at boat in front of Niagara Falls and I swoon and think, wow, that is really intimate and romantic. As much as I want my family there when the big event does happen, the idea of running off and it being just me and Mr. Jess, that seems pretty perfect too, in fantasy and I’m sure reality.

So what about you? Do you want a big, formal wedding or do you favor running off and having a huge party after? Or if you are married, did your wedding day turn out just as you wanted it or did you ever consider eloping?

16 August 2009

College memories and wedding awkwardness

By: Jessica B.

I have fond memories of college. Before I moved to Minnesota for two years, I went to a small liberal arts school in Wisconsin. The kind of school where everyone knows your business and you can run out of guys easily to make out with at drunken frat parties. Oh frat parties, how I miss you. Jungle juice on a Saturday night while making bad decisions with the new recruits and dancing on at the bar. Oh memories. I still have a small scar on my knee from one bad bar dancing night.

But along with fooling around with half the guys in my German class, I made platonic, non-make out friends too, that I’ve stayed in touch with since I left Wisconsin for Minnesota. And this weekend, two of them got married!

So I went to Madison for the wedding, in my cutest summer sundress and giving my liver a pep talk that there was going to be a SH*T TON of liquor in it that night. Oh but wait, I was driving home, so I settled for 1.5 Miller Lites, which still got me buzzed. Sad.

And while there were some up and down moments, I had a nice time. I know, my tweets from Saturday night probably painted a different picture, but it did end up okay. I was bold and went to the wedding alone and found that some of the college friends who said they were coming didn’t make it, so it was tough to talk to people I did know but haven’t seen in seven years. I’m outgoing but somehow clammed up like, well a clam. And there seating was unassigned at the reception so when I went up to several tables, I was told seats were “reserved,” causing me to sit at the “who are they” table. That was uncomfortable. No assigned seats? I’ve never had that happen and I felt like I was right back in high school.

My college nemesis was there too and I won’t lie, I think she was shocked to see me. I don’t want to be too petty and say mean things about her and stuff that was done years ago, but I will say this: time was much more kind to me :) Karma is a b*tch.

But after a faux “oh my gosh how are you” hug and air kiss at the ceremony, we really didn’t talk at all, except I saw fingers being pointed at me from across the room and people whispering. Yes, that’s comforting too.

So I did catch up with a few friends later at the reception (everyone’s married! OMG) and went home happy that at least the experience ended well. Oh and watching four hot guys sing a cappella in a boy band-like fashion while tipsy on Miller Lite was fun too. Yeah the “college me” would have hooked up with three of them, fortunately I was not tipsy enough to begin spanking. That would have been awkward.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Are you outgoing in social situations like weddings or parties where you don’t know many people? I usually am at parties but somehow, I just get very awkward at weddings!

24 July 2009

Talkin’ about love

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Friends, wedding

That’s right, today I’m talking about love. And dishing my thoughts and advice on it. I know, I’m so unqualified for it, but it’s for a good reason.

My Vegas/Chicago/blog buddy Renee is getting marwied (said in Princess Bride tone) in a few short weeks and several of us are throwing her a virtual bridal shower.
Which means I get to impart to Renee on this blog two things: my congratulations and some love/wedding-related thoughts.
So I thought I would post about what NOT to have at your wedding, staying on the Princess Bride theme. Because really, that is the best example of how not to have your wedding, minus the castle.
Here we go:
  1. Make sure you marry someone you love (no brainer, although that prince title is attractive) and that that person isn’t trying to torture your true love to death (the forest is very scary)
  2. Have an officiant who can speak proper English (marwiage is what bwings us togewher today – hilarious)
  3. No dueling at the reception (although it can be very hot)
  4. Do not get married under the pressure that your true love will be storming the castle with his merry me to save you (that is so much pressure)
  5. Have an awesome dress (I’m sure this is already secured!)
  6. Ride off into the sunset with one helluva kiss

So Renee, I’m sorry I don’t have the best marriage-related advice or experience but I did want to put together something silly and sweet for you.
I’m so happy for you and Joe and I wish you all the best in the future. I cannot wait to see pictures of the wedding and hear all about it from Erin and Rachel.
Oh and keep an eye on the groomsmen’s grabby hands. Seriously. Note to them: Ask me before pinching my butt. I am a lady and buying me a Miller Lite from the bar is not a free pass for those hands. And just because I’m in a dress and you’re in a tux, that does not mean we’re automatically hooking up, even if that suit does make you look better in beer goggles. Kthanxbye!

13 July 2009

Summer wedding fever

By: Jessica B.
Tagged: Friends, wedding

That’s right, last week I got an invite wedding #3 this summer. I was incorrect in my previous tweet, this was invite #3 not four. I may have to tape them to my wall so I can keep track of which ones I’m declining and which ones I’m able to attend. I mean, traveling to three weddings, plus gifts, gas and possible hotel adds up!

It’s still hard to believe I’m at the point where friends are getting married and some even are having babies. WTF is there something in the water?
Well if it is, I filter my water so I won’t catch it. In fact, I have a picture at my desk that says “No Way Baby,” I think my uterus status for babies is pretty clear.
But anyhow, back to weddings.
I had a sick feeling I was going to be invited to the latest wedding, set to take place a week before my big birthday. Awesome. But it’s in Madison so I can pick up some cheese curds before the reception.
Don’t mock the cheese curds, that stuff is awesome.
And while I had a momentary twinge of, well maybe I won’t go, I opened up the invite and it was SO gorgeous, OMG. Definitely one of the nicer invites I’ve received lately.
The bride/groom are two good friends from college and between the Internet and me, the groom is my “one that got away.” But I’m thrilled for both of them, honestly.
Plus, the reception is bound to be open bar and crawling with the groom’s former frat boys.
And let’s be honest the math is pretty simple:
Ex-frat boys + wedding + open bar = someone for Jess to make out with


I like those odds. And to quote my buddy, they’ll be “clean” so they’re my kind of guy. I smell the opportunity for a tie to be tied around my waist, bosom or head.
Let’s party!

Am I the only one getting slammed with wedding invites this year? How many do you have or what is the busiest wedding summer that you’ve ever had? Do you say yes to all of them?

03 June 2009

Wedding thank you notes (and the drama with them)

By: Jessica B.

Okay I need everyone’s help tonight because I’ve heard a variety of answers to this question.

Wedding thank you notes: a) do you have to send them? and b) how long should it take to send them out?

Here’s why I’m asking. Several ladies I work with just got married and while they were talking about sending out their thank you notes, one of them said that she had still not received a thank you note from a wedding she attended over a year ago.

The new brides (and single-girl me) were shocked.

Apparently, the woman’s friend, who was the bride, mentioned something in passing that she enjoyed her wedding gift, but the gift giver never received a thank you note from the couple, by mail or e-mail.

And when she told us what her gift was (it came from that famous store in an Audrey Hepburn classic film) we were all extra shocked.

I think she should casually mention something to the bride or groom. Just say something casually, not accusatory. To me, it doesn’t matter how big the wedding is, if people are thoughtful enough to bring you a gift, especially an expensive one, a thank you note is in order. Plus, if I found out other guests got a note and not me, I would be even more hurt.

What does everyone else think? I’m curious about your thoughts on this because I’ve heard different opinions about this topic.

Note: OMG I cannot believe I left out slap bracelets from yesterday’s 80s post. Seriously, I loved those things. I might have to dig around for mine. They were slap-tastic! Hmm that sounds dirty.